Research Days

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Each spring, the Moody School hosts SMU Research Days, a showcase and celebration of graduate and undergraduate student research at SMU, in collaboration with the Office of Engaged Learning.  This year, Research Days is going virtual.  Graduate and undergraduate students will have the opportunity to compete in 5-minute research presentation video competitions with cash prizes, and competitor videos will be publicly available on this site March 15-19.  Our offices will also host live talks and panels at the week of March 15-19.

Students will be asked to register for the competition by Friday, Feb. 5, and to submit videos by Mon., March 8.  To help competition participants to prepare, experts in OIT will host information sessions and hold office hours on video production and editing.

For general questions and questions about the graduate student research presentation video competition, please contact Dr. Alan Itkin (  For questions about the undergraduate research presentation video competition, please contact Dr. Adam Neal (  We look forward to seeing you, virtually, at the live events and to sharing the exciting research your students are doing with our community of scholars.

2021 Research Days Dean's Award Winners


Judging Group First name Last name Co-authors, if applicable Presentation title Program
Anthropology Bonnie Etter Molly Murphy Adams, Artist and Art Appraiser Ceci n'est pas une pipe Anthropology
Biological Sciences Lauren Ammerman James McCormick (co-first author), Chanyang Park, Courtney Follit, Jesiska Lowe, Pia Vogel, and John Wise. Reversing Multidrug Resistance in Cancer through Iterative Identification of P-glycoprotein Inhibitors Biological Sciences
Biostatistics Shuang Jiang Quan Zhou, Xiaowei Zhan, Qiwei Li BayesSMILES: Bayesian Segmentation Modeling for Longitudinal Epidemiological Studies Biostatistics
Chemistry Christina McConville Peritectic phase transition of benzene and acetonitrile into a cocrystal relevant to Titan, Saturn's moon Chemistry
Chemistry-Theoretical and Computational Hao Tian Xi Jiang Prediction of allosteric sites through ensemble learning Chemistry-Theoretical and Computational
Chemistry-Theoretical and Computational Zilin Song Quantifying Energy Contribution in Enzyme Catalysis using Machine-Learning based Regression Analysis Chemistry-Theoretical and Computational
Civil and Environmental Engineering Konstantinos Kalfas Nicos Makris The dynamics of utility poles by considering soil-structure interaction (SSI) Civil and Environmental Engineering
Combined-Non-STEM Madison Arcemont Computational Intestate Succession Law
Combined-Non-STEM Samantha Navarro Hope Anderson, Ramisa Faruque, Kaci McCartan How might we improve procedural justice for the Dallas Police Department? Design & Innovation
Combined-STEM Xiaoxian Jing Parton distributions, nuclear deeply inelastic scattering, and electroweak precision measurements at the LHC Physics
Computer Science Ishna Satyarth Application of Neural Networks in Quantum Chemistry Computer Science
Education Tiffini Pruitt-Britton Candace Walkington Measuring High School Students' Funds of Knowledge for Learning Mathematics Education
Education Robyn Pinilla Elizabeth Adams, Ph.D. Creating a Bridge Between Research and Practice for Valid Assessment Use Education
Education-Applied Physiology Lance Brooks Lance C. Brooks, Peter G. Weyand, Kenneth P. Clark Arm Motion Restriction Does Not Affect Short Sprint Performance Education-Applied Physiology
Education-Ed.D. Holly Grubbs The Principal's Leadership Impact utilizing Distributed Leadership Practices that drive School Improvement Education-Ed.D. in Ed. Leadership
Education-Ed.D. Denise Patton Asset-oriented parent engagement for supporting the use of decontextualized language with preschoolers in LSES Latino families Education-Ed.D. in Ed. Leadership
Electrical Engineering Cameron Matson Syed Muhammad Hashir, Sicheng Song Benefits of MIMO in 3D UAV-to-UAV topologies Electrical Engineering
EMIS Siavash Tabrizian A sampling-based branch and cut algorithm for two-stage stochastic mixed integer programs Operations Research
Mathematics Tyler Evans Scott Norris Swelling as a stabilizing mechanism in irradiated thin films (the sequel) Mathematics
Psychology Chelsea Carson Naomi Ekas, Chrystyna Kouros Broad Autism Phenotype and Relationship Satisfaction in Parents of a Child on the Autism Spectrum: The Role of Partner Discrepancy Psychology
Psychology Diane Chao Sara N. Gallant, Holly J. Bowen Effect of reward motivation on directed forgetting in younger and older adults Psychology

Previous Events

Congratulations to our participants and winners from Research Days 2019 Events!  You can find the winners lists and more pictures below. 

Download Research Day 2019 Abstracts

Research Day 2019 Poster Session Photos

Research Day 2019 Three Minute Thesis Videos

2019 Poster Session Winners

Department Award Author
Applied Physiology and Wellness Dean's Award Claire Trotter
Biology Dean's Award Amila Nanayakkara
Biology Du Xin Award Morgan Thompson
Chemistry Dean's Award Weiwei An
Chemistry, Theoretical and Computational Dean's Award Sadisha Nanayakkara
 Civil and Environmental Engineering Dean's Award Ataollah Nateghi
Computer Science and Engineering Dean's Award Yasamin Fozouni
Earth Sciences Dean's Award (split) Kimberly DeGrandpre
Earth Sciences Dean's Award (split) Louis Quinones
Education Dean's Award Nancy Le (co-author Marlen Collazo)
Electrical Engineering Dean's Award Xinyun Lu
Engineering Management, Information, and Systems Dean's Award Amin Ziaeifar
Guildhall Dean's Award Hongjin Yu
Mathematics Dean's Award Wenzhong Zhang
Mathematics Dean's Award Ting Yan
Mechanical Engineering Dean's Award Assaad El Helou
Psychology Dean's Award Andres Roque
Psychology Dean's Award Divya Kumar
Statistical Science Dean's Award (split) Lochana Palayangoda
Statistical Science Dean's Award (split) Shalima Zalsha
Multidisciplinary Group Dean's Award (split) Peilong Wang (Physics)
Multidisciplinary Group Dean's Award (split) Madeline Hamilton (Physics)

AT&T Prize for IoT Poster Yasamin Fozouni (Computer Science & Engineering)
   AT&T Prize for IoT Poster Matt Zaber (Computer Science & Engineering)
  L3/Link Award for Innovation Naseer Jan (Computer Science & Engineering)

2019 Three Minute Thesis Winners

First Place: Niraj Verma, Chemistry

Second Place:Tetiana Hutchison, Biology

People's Choice: Niraj Verma, Chemistry 

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