Dedman Graduate Student Assembly

Graduate Student Assembly

The Graduate Student Assembly is comprised of representatives from each of the departments in Dedman College with a graduate program.  One GSA representative is chosen by each department, and that person serves as a liaison between the GSA and the department.  The GSA receives a portion of the student fees paid by the graduate students in Dedman College.  These funds are returned to graduate students through small grants to cover certain expenses, as described below.  You can read the full text of the GSA Bylaws here.

Funding Categories

There are five categories of funding available (annual limit of $1,200 total):

Category I ($1,200 limit per academic year): Thesis and Dissertation-Related Expenditures

  • Conference expenses at which a paper or poster is presented
  • Travel for research
  • Other thesis/dissertation-related work (buying or collecting data)

Category II ($450 limit per academic year): Conferences Not Covered in Category I

  • i.e., attending a conference but not presenting 

Category III ($150 limit per academic year): Photocopying

Category IV ($300 limit per academic year): Fee for One Year Membership In Professional Organization(s) or Journal(s)

  • Organizations or journals must be directly related to student's field of study 

Category V ($100 limit per meeting, $200 limit per academic year): Miscellaneous Awards

  • Miscellaneous awards that will benefit the graduate students of Dedman College as a whole

Application Procedure and Forms

In order to apply for funding, students must fill out a GSA Application Form and provide a description of their expected activities (e.g., the conference they are attending and a title and description of their paper).  Once approved by GSA representatives, students will need to return a GSA Expense Report Form, a W-9 using their social security number or student ID (even if one is already on file), itemized receipts, and documentation of their activities (e.g., proof of conference attendance).  Please refer to the GSA Application Checklist below.  

GSA Application Checklist

GSA Application

GSA Expense Report 

W-9 Form 

GSA Representatives,  2023 - 2024

GSA Officers 
President              Katelyn Lehman Franco
Treasurer        Canyon Calovich-Benne
Secretary Sylvester Tan
GSA Representatives
Anthropology Liz Thomas
Biology Canyon Calovich-Benne
Chemistry Christina McConville
Earth Sciences Katelyn Lehman Franco
Economics Rouzhi Liang
English Ian Shaughnessy
History Ashton Reynolds
Mathematics Jacob Davis
Physics Rajeev Vaisakh
Psychology Margot Salsman
Religious Studies Sylvester Tan
Statistics Zifang Kong