Ph.D. Health Insurance

At SMU, we believe that Ph.D. students greatly contribute to the mission of the university through their research and their work as research and teaching assistants.  For this reason, we provide funding to cover the cost of premiums for the Student Health Insurance Plan to Ph.D. students with the goal of improving their quality of life and removing a significant financial burden from them.

Full-time enrolled Ph.D. students are automatically eligible for this coverage, if they

  1. are fully supported by an SMU fellowship or assistantship which provides them with compensation of at least $17,500 for the year or $9,000 for the semester,
  2. are within five years of their term of matriculation in their Ph.D. program, and
  3. are making satisfactory progress in their program.

Coverage is provided for the full academic year or on a semester-by-semester basis, depending on the nature of the student’s assistantship or fellowship. Coverage may also be provided to Ph.D. students who do not meet these criteria, particularly if they are supported by an external fellowship or internship that does not provide health insurance coverage. Ph.D. students who are not automatically eligible may, with the support of their program and school, petition the Graduate Office for health insurance coverage. Petitions must be received before the Student Health Insurance Plan enrollment deadline. Full-time Ph.D. students who do not receive health insurance coverage may still enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan and pay the premiums themselves.

Ph.D. students who are eligible for health insurance coverage receive a message notifying them of their eligibility before the beginning of each fall and spring term and must then enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan to take advantage of the coverage.  More information about the Student Health Insurance Plan, including instructions for enrolling in the plan and deadlines for enrollment, can be found on the Dr. Bob Smith Health Center website:  Student Health Insurance Plan.