Graduate Student Travel Grant


  1. The maximum amount of a grant is $750.
  2. Travel grants cannot be awarded retroactively; proposals must be submitted before travel.
  3. Only one grant per student per academic year is awarded or funded. Please prioritize your proposals accordingly.
  4. Requests with matching funds from other sources have a higher priority.
  5. This grant will only fund conference travel to present an accepted paper, poster, creative project or performance (applications without documentation of acceptance are ineligible for this grant).  The paper, poster, creative project, or performance must formally recognize SMU as the venue at which the work was produced.  This grant may provide funding for registration fees for a virtual conference, workshop, or other online professional development opportunity requiring the student's active participation.  This grant does not cover rental car fees.
  6. Applications are accepted year-round, and must be submitted at least 10 business days prior to travel (or 10 business days prior to virtual event). 
  7. The proposals should be sponsored by the department chair and the graduate advisor.  Department chair and graduate advisor are requested not to sponsor students who could be supported from other sources such as sponsored research grants and contracts.
  8. Before applying for this grant, notify your department administrator. The department will give you instructions regarding any pre-travel requirements. Procedures vary by school. If you are receiving funding from your department, they may use different procedures for reimbursement than the Moody School of Graduate and Advanced Studies. Please be sure you know your department’s requirements before your departure.


 Using the application form, please attach the following items to your submission in a  PDF only. Incomplete applications will not be considered.  Questions can be emailed to  

Combine the following documents as a PDF for your application:

  1. A proposal describing the activity and how this grant will help in your program - limited to one page.
  2. A short vita - limited to one page.
  3. Completed Travel Grant Form
  4. Your abstract submission (accepted by the conference) with proof of acceptance (or other proof of participation in a virtual event).

Application must be submitted at least 10 business days prior to travel (or 10 business days prior to virtual event).



Travel Grant Application