Undergraduate Poster Session

The Research and Innovation Week Undergraduate Poster Session will take place Tuesday, April 2, 2-5 p.m. in the Moody Hall Atrium.  Prizes are awarded for the Top 3 posters overall, and the best poster in each school will be recognized.

All SMU undergraduate students are eligible to present posters of their work.

The deadline to sign up is Monday, March 18. Your poster does not need to be completed by that date. 

How do I design a poster?

Most people create academic posters with templates made in Powerpoint. There are numerous templates available online, including our SMU-branded templates. For this poster session, the poster must be smaller than 46x46 inches.

Check out the 2023 winning posters for inspiration:

Where do I print a poster?

You can have your poster printed through Copy Central or any local print shop. Posters generally run $50-75. Ask your professor if your department has any funds for printing.

What do I do during the session?

You are not required to be present the entire session, but do try to stand by your poster for the majority of the time. When people come by, you can give them an "elevator pitch" (3-4 sentences) so they get a general idea. Some may have questions for you! Any time it is slow, we encourage you to check out other posters.

Can you help me?

Yes! The Office of Engaged Learning is hosting several workshops to help participants prepare for the session:

Workshop: Research Poster Design Tips (on Zoom)

  • How do you communicate research effectively on a poster? This workshop will show you templates, best practices, and provide feedback on posters-in-progress.
  • Two sessions to choose from. Click the buttons to register.
  • Monday, March 25 4-5 p.m. Thursday, March 28 4-5 p.m.

Workshop: The Elevator Pitch - for Research  (on Zoom)

  • Can you explain your research in 3 sentences? Learn how to explain what you do in a succinct and engaging way. Recommended for everyone presenting on Research and Innovation Week.
  • Monday, April 1 4-5 p.m.



First Place

Elisabeth Hood, Factors Affecting Romantic Partner Preferences
Majors: Psychology, Sociology

Second Place

Veronica Khoury Seeling, The Relationship Between Executive Functioning and Immediate Memory
Major: Psychology. Minors: Arabic, Human Rights, Women & Gender Studies

Third Place

Gabriel Mongaras, Linear Transformers With Cosine Attention
Majors: Computer Science, Math, Statistics

Honorable mentions:

Joshua Ange, Exploring Stylometric and Formal Patterns in the Scholarly Impact of Scientific Literature
Majors: Physics and Mathematics, Minors: English and Computer Science
Regina Moreno Vera, Autism in Genetic Carriers of Epilepsy
Majors: Biology, Psychology. Minors: neuroscience, history, art
Zachary Oldham, Effects of Menstrual Cycle Phase on Cold Pressor Test Responses
Major: Applied Physiology & Health Management

"Fan favorite"

Ellen Aughenbaugh, Non-invasive Electrocardiography (ECG) as a Method to Identify Cardiac Dysfunction in Mouse Models of Disease
Majors: Biological Sciences and Art. Minor in Neuroscience


2024 Presenters:

Joshua Ange, "Exploring Stylometric and Formal Patterns in the Scholarly Impact of Scientific Literature"
Caden Arras, "The Director's Chair"
Ellen Aughenbaugh, "Non-invasive Electrocardiography (ECG) as a Method to Identify Cardiac Dysfunction in Mouse Models of Disease"
Bangaru Bhaskararao, "Conversion of Biomass Lignin Derivatives into Aromatic Hydrocarbons: A Quantum Chemical Study"
Silvio Caroselli, "Effects of Math Anxiety and Math Self-Efficacy on Fraction Performance Among FFO Students"
Aaron Chapman, "Determining the effect of soil gas diffusivity (and air permeability) in subsurface migration of leaked NG from upstream belowground pipelines."
Jesse Cheng, "Does teaching FFO effect interventionist fraction competency?"
Victoria Cunningham, "Interventional Assistance: Relationships to Student Skill Generalization and Standardized Exam Scores"
• Ella Dabney, "Voice Disorders and Personality"
Kristen Edwards, "Community Informed Sustainable Materials"
Michael Guerrero, "Particle Focusing using Dielectrophoresis"
Jordan Hall, "Associations between Parental Involvement and Technology Use on Child Language"
Drew Harris, "Lapis: Realtime Tracking of In-game Student Events"
Elisabeth Hood, "Factors Affecting Romantic Partner Preferences"
Meredith Hughes, "Atypical Carbapenem Modifications to Treat M. tuberculosis and M. abscessus"
• Arlo Kadane, "Lessons learned from participatory mapping in Santarita, Colombia"
Veronica Khoury Seeling, "The Relationship Between Executive Functioning and Immediate Memory"
Karen Lin, "C3 Knockout Mice are Protected Against Memory Deficits, Astrogliosis, and Inflammation Induced by Prolonged Seizures"
• Gabriel Mongaras, "Linear Transformers With Cosine Attention"
Regina Moreno Vera, "Autism in Genetic Carriers of Epilepsy"
Mason Morland, "SteadiLife App"
Theodore Morris, "SMU Guildhall Capstone Recording Sessions: Year Two"
Kevin Nguyen, "Synthesis of Biodegradable Polymers from Furan-protected Maleimide Compounds"
Zachary Oldham, "Effects of Menstrual Cycle Phase on Cold Pressor Test Responses"
Maxine Parkinson, "Non-invasive assessment of cardiorespiratory function in mouse epilepsy models using pulse oximetry"
Ria Parpelli, "Effects of Specific Metal Nanoclusters on Cancerous and Non-Cancerous Cells"
Micah Pressler, "Investigating the Thermal Properties of Compressed Earth Blocks"
Daniel Ryan and Tran Lam, "Greedy Heuristics for the Backhaul Profit Maximization Problem"
Anika Saiprabhu, "Prisoner of the Strings"
Rachel Schellsmidt, "Interactive Web-based Simulation for Embodied Learning of School Physics Concepts: An Eye- and Interaction-Tracking Investigation"
Alexis Schroeder, "Neoliberalism and Healthcare: Disabled in America"
Arian Shamaei, "Prediction of Vehicle Height for Emissions Characterization Using Machine Learning"
Reid Spitler, "Our Personal Issue: The Maternal Impact on Eating Disorders in Women"
Anna Su, "Early Interventions in STEM Education: Examining Spectrums of Youth Interest in Engineering"
Veronica Tanner, "Threat Emulation on Consumer Vehicles Using a Digital Twin"
Vivian Thai, "CRY-Based Optogenetic Tools for Drug Discovery"
Apurva Veeraswamy, "A study of Narrative Medicine usage and implementation in health professionals‚ a practice in the North Dallas Shared Ministries and Texas Indo-American Physicians Society community clinics"
Ross Yenerich, "What's so Special about the Special Olympics?"
Anna Kelley Zielke, "House Divided"