Appointment Info


The day of your own, or a dependent's, appointment:

  • SMU’s vaccines are being administered at the Dr. Bob Smith Health Center (see diagram below).
  • Bring a physical copy of your vaccine record card (if it's your second dose), a photo ID (driver’s license, etc), and a face mask (it’s required throughout your visit).
  • Stay hydrated, eat something ahead of your appointment, prepare for weather of the day.
  • When you arrive, the check-in staff will confirm your appointment details and give you further instructions.
  • Parents/guardians of a dependent should plan to stay during the duration of the vaccination. 

Tips for getting your vaccine shot more efficiently:

If you are feeling sick before your appointment:

  • Do not come to the health center.
  • Call the health center at 214-768-2141 to see what options are available to either cancel or re-schedule your appointment.
  • If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, isolate yourself for 10 days and consider getting tested.

After your shot:

  • Wait at least 15 minutes in the Site's observation area – with your mask on – to monitor for any adverse effects.
  • If you do experience adverse reactions, alert a nurse.
  • You'll be handed an exit packet with post-vaccine information. Read through the information and make sure you understand it.
  • Complete and take a picture of your vaccination card. It contains important information about which vaccine you received, as well as when and where you received it.

If you need to cancel/re-schedule:

  • It is important to keep your scheduled appointment if you are feeling healthy.
  • In event you are unable to make your appointment, notify the Health Center as soon as possible by calling 214-768-2141. Please note that even if you cancel through the registration portal, you'll still have to call the Health Center.  

Scheduling your second dose (if necessary):

  • You will receive an invitation to schedule your second dose through the email you provided at registration or your SMU email. 

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the vaccine are available at the bottom of the Vaccine page on the Mustang Strong website. If you still have questions after reviewing the site, feel free to contact the Health Center at 214-768-2141.