Disability Accommodations & Success Strategies

DASS is the primary contact for all SMU students with disabilities. This office assists students with disabilities to effectively utilize resources they may need and helps them work with professors and staff to implement appropriate and reasonable accommodations and services. DASS is dedicated to providing an equal opportunity to participate in the University's curriculum, programs, and activities. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, DASS will evaluate and accommodate those students who are significantly impacted by a condition that is considered disabling, including learning disabilities, physical disabilities, psychiatric disorders, and others. 

In order to establish eligibility for accommodations, students must contact our office. The student is responsible for requesting our services.

To start the process, please review the Disability Accommodations page, and review the procedures for applying for accommodations and submitting supporting documentation to our office.

For continuing DASS students with accommodations and faculty working with those students, you can view your letters of accommodations in DASS Link. 

DASS Link for students: Go to the DASS Link log-in page

DASS Link for faculty: Go to the DASS Link log-in page.

DASS staff members are here to support all of our students with disabilities! We are available for phone calls, Zoom sessions, remote intakes, and emails. Our main phone number (214-768-1470) is answered during regular business hours, as well.


Incoming SMU Students

For new students who will be starting in the Fall Semester (2022), we would like to welcome you as a new Mustang! See our Introduction to DASS video below and follow along with the DASS Red & Blue flyer:


We are also available by phone to talk about any concerns you have. If you anticipate needing accommodations, please see the Disability Accommodations page, for step-by-step instructions. We encourage you to start this process in May/June, but if you anticipate needing a housing accommodation, please start the accommodation process immediately.


Success Strategies

DASS also provides success strategies support for SMU undergraduates with ADD/ADHD and Learning Differences, as well as those on the Autism Spectrum. These students may benefit from assistance with study skills instruction, self-advocacy skills, time management and organization strategies, and general mentoring. This academic coaching, coupled with participating in HDEV 1210: Academic Success and Personal Development (an advanced academic skills-building course), Students for New Learning (student support and networking group), and other A-LEC services (e.g., Tutoring Center, Writing Center, academic workshops, etc.) can greatly enhance students' ability to succeed at SMU.


We look forward to working with you!

Disability Accommodations & Success Strategies
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