About Operational Levels and the COVID-19 Operations Plan

Very High Operational Level

Federal/state/local mandates supersede institutional planning. If stay-at-home orders are in place, nonessential businesses are closed and individuals may be expected to remain at home. Campus and building access maybe restricted and telework may be the protocol for as many employees as possible following state and local requirements. It is possible instruction is virtual, and in-person housing and programs may be canceled.

High Operational Level

Significant prevention policies are in place, which may include limitations on meeting sizes, enforced PPE use, screening, contact tracing and selective quarantining/self-isolation.

Moderate Operational Level

Protective measures may still actively be in place. Vaccines and treatments for the disease are available, lowering the risk of severe outcomes.

Low Operational Level

With vaccines and/or highly effective treatments widely available and coronavirus infection rates lower, preventive measures are lifted. Reengineered processes and new technologies may persist, so long as they are functional.