Using the successful fall semester as a blueprint for spring, SMU continues to embrace the outstanding personalized education that is our hallmark, and prioritize our community’s health and safety.

Spring Semester At-a-Glance

  • SMU will begin its spring semester one week later than previously planned – now on Monday, January 25 – and will conclude it on Wednesday, May 12, without a spring break.
  • The change to the academic calendar is an effort to reduce virus transmission in two ways: It extends the period of time students stay at home during an expected COVID-19 wave this winter, and it reduces the possibility for wider exposure to the SMU community if students travel to and from a spring break destination.
  • Good Friday – May 2 – will remain a University holiday.
  • The University will continue to offer courses in the SMUFlex, fully in-person and Virtual-only formats.
  • A limited number of undergraduate classes, such as labs and performance-based courses, will continue to be offered in-person.

About SMUFlex

  • SMUFlex courses are conducted in real-time with some students attending in-person and others participating remotely via Zoom.
  • This format ensures that only half of the student population is on campus at any given time to further reduce virus transmission.
  • Recorded lectures are available to students, as needed, via Canvas.
  • SMUFlex gives the University flexibility to adapt to changing situations and accommodate short-term absences from the in-person experience.
  • Students will not be able self-select meeting-to-meeting whether they attend in-person or via Zoom
  • Undergrad students who wish to switch from SMUFlex to Virtual Courses (or vice versa) should email
  • Undergraduates who are considering a leave of absence (cancellation or withdrawal) should email the Office of Student Success and Retention

Virtual Courses

  • Virtual courses are fully online and accommodate remote students and faculty who may not be able to attend on campus courses due to extenuating circumstances.
  • Virtual courses follow a regular schedule in normal time (I.E. a student living in Los Angeles enrolled in a M/W/F course that meets virtually at 1 p.m. CT, is expected to participate in the class at 11 a.m. PT).
  • The University works with students taking remote only classes to help them meet their degree requirements.
  • View the full menu of Virtual Courses here.

Red/Blue Cohorts

  • SMUFlex courses will continue to follow a Red-Blue rotation schedule in which students attend class in person on their assigned day and engage virtually on the alternate days. 
  • A student can decide if they want to adhere strictly to their assigned Red-Blue schedule or if they would like to attend in-person only with their professor’s consent.
  • Students may not request to change their rotation schedule. 
  • The Red-Blue rotation schedule allows SMU to further de-densify the classroom and the campus, minimizing the need for to come to campus every day.

Classroom Expectations

  • SMU requires that everyone on the SMU campus wear a face covering over the mouth and nose in all public indoor spaces
  • Students who chose not to wear a face covering may be asked by faculty to participate remotely in a designated “Zoom Space.”
  • Continuous refusal to wear a face covering may result in additional consequences through the Student Code of Conduct process.
  • Eating in class will not be permitted, though drinks will be allowed with the use of a straw.


All tests, exams, and other assessments are offered remotely/fully online (even for face-to-face students in SMUFlex courses).


Students planning to intern in the fall should contact their department chair for procedures and policies.