Information Security Advisory Council

SMU's Information Security Policy requires the Information Security Officer to create and maintain an Information Security Advisory Council (ISAC). Members of the Council are asked to serve as liaisons to their respective departments for communication and training related to Information Security.

The mission of the ISAC is to assist the University’s Information Security Officer in his mission to ensure the timely implementation and enforcement of policy and practices by identifying problems areas, supporting the adoption of best practices, and to establish and implement solutions.


  • Chair: George Finney, Chief Information Security Officer, Office of Information Technology
  • Vinh Pham, Director, Business and Finance
  • Brennan Hadden, Specialist, Development Services
  • Joe Papari, Director, Enrollment Services
  • Sheri Starkey, Associate Vice President & Chief Human Resource Officer, Human Resources
  • Chandra McQueen  Internal Audit
  • Michael Hites, Chief Information Officer, Office of Information Technology
  • Michael Tumeo, Director, Office of Institutional Research
  • Kelly Thurman, University Counsel, Office of Legal Affairs
  • Leigh Ann Moffett, Associate Vice President and Chief Risk Officer, Office of Risk Management
  • Randy Jones, Associate Dean, University Health Center
  • Mary Travis, Office of Research
  • Brian Marr, Financial Planning and Analysis