Using Classroom Technology (Student Guide)

Classroom Instructions for Most Rooms (Touchscreen Controls)

Classroom Instructions for Rooms without a Touchscreen Control Panel (Physical keypad in room.)

Click here for instructions for classrooms with a IR remote only. (No keypad/touchpad by lectern.)

Using the Solstice Device

Several classrooms are now equipped with a wireless screen sharing device called a Solstice.  These allow you to display content from your personal device on the classroom projector screens. 

  1. If you are in a Solstice enabled classroom, locate the poster with the Solstice IP address near the front of the classroom. It should list an address starting with 129.119.x.x
  2. Open a web browser and enter that IP address in the address bar
  3. Click Get the App and install the application on your device
  4. Launch the Solstice Client app
  5. Click Enter IP
  6. Enter the IP address displayed on the poster in the classroom
  7. Connect as Guest and click OK.  You may be prompted to enter a code that is displayed on the projector screen in the classroom.
  8. If the session is in moderated mode, the faculty member will be prompted to approve your connection.
  9. To display content on the screen, select the sharing icon. If you are using an iOS device, you will be prompted to enabled AirPlay Mirroring. Swipe up from the bottom of your device and tap AirPlay Mirroring. Then connect to the Solstice device listed by the room number.
  10. The faculty member will have to approve your content from the podium computer before it will be displayed on the screen.
  11. Click Disconnect to end the sharing session. For iOS devices, be sure to turn off AirPlay mirroring when complete.

Please note: Certain video streaming apps like YouTube block sharing from iOS devices. To display a YouTube video, please use the podium computer.

Connecting to an Epson shared whiteboard session

A few classrooms now feature an Epson interactive projector. If the projector is connected to the internet, the faculty member can enable a whiteboard sharing session.  This allows students to connect to the Whiteboard from their personal device. The sharing session can be configured to allow view only, annotation mode or full collaboration mode from all devices.  Before connecting to a whiteboard session, the faculty must initiate the whiteboard sharing session and generate a pin code.

  1. Once the sharing session has been established, launch a web browser
  2. Enter the IP address of the whiteboard that is currently sharing content.  The IP address will be displayed on a poster near the front of the room or displayed on the whiteboard itself.
  3. Click the Whiteboard option
  4. Enter the PIN provided by your instructor
  5. At the end of the screen sharing session, the faculty can choose to distribute copies of all the slides.  If they do so, an alert will appear to download the content.
  6. Close your browser to end the sharing session.

Connecting to a Kaptivo Whiteboard Session

If you are in one of the rooms equipped with a Kaptivo device, the instructor will either share the whiteboard screen via Zoom or send you a shared link for the whiteboard session. If you attempt to join a whiteboard session without the shared link, the instructor will need to approve each attendee in order for them to see the whiteboard.  Instead, simply click on the shared link they provide.  You have the ability to view previous whiteboard slides using the Timeline feature at the bottom.  You can also download all content as a PDF.