Advanced Flexible Technology Spaces

Our Advanced Flex classroom facilities in Prothro 205 and the Lyle School of Engineering provide a flexible room for multimedia in-person instruction, synchronous learning for courses with remote guests, support team-taught courses between SMU and other universities (or corporations), support courses with both in-person and remote components, creation of high-quality video for supplemental material or review by students, and deliver approved remote courses.

The room consists of 6 different displays. The three on the backwall display content from the podium and provide the gallery view of remote participants when in a zoom meeting. The front of the room has a digital smart board which displays content and serves as a whiteboard.  Content shared from the podium computer can be displayed on the smart board and an instructor can annotate or write from either the podium interactive display or the smart board all while sharing the same content easily in Zoom.  An additional display is mounted on either side of the smartboard displaying the podium computer content for exceptional visibility for all in the room.

A fully in person meeting or class can easily use the technology in the space. If a guest speaker is attending via zoom, seating can be re-oriented to view and interact with the speaker.  Both audio and video are clear from within the room and from the remote guest. There is also easy one button access to start your zoom meeting if you are recording your lecture for posting in Canvas and Panopto or for supplemental materials.

Facilitating an approved online or distance education program is much simpler with the latest technology implementation. The instructor can control camera views via three defined presets, launch the meeting with one step, and share content from the podium easily—even moving back and forth between applications and whiteboard technology.

The below playlist contains detailed videos on how to use the Advanced Flex Classroom equipment. View them in order or click the playlist button in the top-right of the player to select your desired topic.

To learn more about this new space, check out the following videos and resources:

Video Tutorials