Points vs. Weighted Gradebook

Selecting the grading system you will use is the first step in building your course grade book. Grading systems dictate how the graded items in your course will calculate students’ final grades. Graded can include:

  • Assignments (i.e. homework, papers, projects, etc.)
  • Discussions
  • Quizzes/Exams
  • Participation

Typically two types of systems are used 1) Total Points or 2) Weighted Grades

Canvas allows instructors to setup the gradebook with either points or weights. An examples of both are listed below:

Points System Example

Writing assignment #1 500 points
Writing assignment #2 500 points
Quiz #1 200 points
Quiz #2 200 points
Participation 100 points
Total 1500 points

Weighted System Example

Quizzes 25% of grade

Quiz #1 100-point scale

Quiz #2 100-point scale
Writing assignments 50% of grade

Writing assignment #1 100-point scale

Writing assignment #2 100-point scale
Participation 25 % of grade

Participation 100-point scale

These are examples of the Canvas gradebook flexibility. It is important that the gradebook is set up correctly to avoid misunderstandings on student progress. If your course grades need to reflect something more complex, contact your Academic Technology Services Director (ATSD) for assistance.