Estate Planning

Estate planning specialists work with individuals and families and help them to make decisions about the distribution and use of their wealth and to create the legal framework that makes those plans a reality. The estate planner therefore needs information about the law applicable to trusts and estates as well as a firm understanding of taxation. Lawyers in this area also need good drafting and client counseling skills.

Foundation Courses – Introducing the Basic Concepts

  • Property I & II
  • Trusts & Estates
  • Income Tax
  • Estate, Gift & Income Tax

Advanced Estate Planning Courses

  • Estate Planning & Practice

Related Courses -- Taxation

  • Corporate Tax
  • Partnership Tax

Other Related Courses

  • Business Enterprise
  • Employee Benefits Law
  • Employee Benefits & ERISA Litigation
  • Family Law
  • Law Practice Management
  • Oil & Gas
  • Texas Matrimonial Property (if planning to practice in Texas)

Public Service Placements

  • Legal Hospice of Texas
  • Advocates for Community Transformation Wills Project

Here are some of the full-time faculty members who teach or have an interest in this subject area: