Innocence Clinic

Innocent people have gone to prison because an eyewitness misidentified someone, because "junk science" really exists, because a person can be coerced into making a false confession or because informants lie to implicate defendants in exchange for benefits from the state.   By initiating the Innocence Clinic, Dedman Law School and the Dallas County Public Defender Office join together in the battle against wrongful convictions.   Students in SMU’s newest clinic will seek evidence of these wrongdoings years after the wrongful convictions and work to exonerate their clients.

Contact Information


Christopher Young
Adjunct Clinical Professor of Law, Innocence Clinic

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SMU Dedman School of Law
P.O. Box 750116
Dallas, TX 75275-0116

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SMU Dedman School of Law
3315 Daniel Avenue, Suite 30
Dallas, TX 75205