Required Forms

The following four forms are required for each Public Service hours placement for credit to the graduation requirement:

  1. Confirmation Agreement
  2. Student Log
  3. Supervisory Report
  4. Student Questionnaire

Student Initiated Placement (Required if seeking to perform public service hours in an organization not previously approved)

Once a law student has submitted all required forms to the Public Service Program, Lynn Moubry will send the completion to the registrar with a confirmation email to the law student at the time of submission. Public Service completions are sent to the registrar at the end of each month.*

* Please note:

  1. All law students are automatically enrolled in the Public Service Program during the fall semester of the 2L/2LE year, although Public Service hours may be perfomed during the summer between the first and second year of law school. 
  2. Completed Public Service hours turned in BEFORE the conclusion of the 2L/2LE fall semester will not appear on transcripts until after of the 2L/2LE fall semester exams. All grades affecting GPA are entered by the law registrar first, then Public Service graduation requirement completions are entered in January.
  3. All second year law students who have completed their Public Service Hours are encouraged to add their public service experience to their résumés even though the hours will not appear on transcripts until after the winter break.