Office of Student Affairs

A Note From the Dean of Students

One of my favorite times of the year is August, when some of the brightest first-year law students in the country come to SMU for new-student orientation.  They are soon joined by returning J.D. students with varying backgrounds from all over the United States and international LL.M. students -- graduates of foreign law schools here to study the American legal system and interact with their American classmates. These students, along with our remarkable faculty and staff, make up the wonderful community of scholars at SMU Dedman Law.    

SMU Dedman Law students cookie monster 

The environment at SMU Dedman Law is collegial and supportive.  Students are motivated to help each other, whether that means sharing class notes or forming study groups. Through our Inns of Court program, first-year students connect on a weekly basis with fellow classmates, faculty, student leaders, career advisors, and alumni for a community experience that extends throughout their time at the law school and beyond graduation.    

I personally invite you to contact me, especially if there are any personal matters impacting your ability to perform and succeed in law school.  I have an open-door policy, or you may contact me using the information below.  You may schedule an in-person meeting, Zoom conference, or telephone call with me using the QR code below.  I look forward to visiting with you!


Stephen B. Yeager
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs