Benefits of one of the highest-paying student jobs on campus

  • Earn great pay, which starts at $14 per hour and goes up to $14.75 per hour.
  • Get up to $400 in tuition assistance per term.
  • Network with alumni in various fields nationwide.
  • Improve communication and leadership skills.
  • Balance academics and work with a flexible schedule.

The SMU Telepony call center offers rewarding on-campus employment for SMU students seeking an energetic work environment as well as a flexible work schedule that makes it possible to balance studies and personal commitments.

Many SMU student callers are involved in organizations throughout campus, which in turn helps them connect with alumni and parents. Our student callers make a significant impact by helping raise funds for scholarships, internships and research.

"I loved having the opportunity to connect with alumni and receive a decade’s worth of advice, thanks to our shared admiration of and commitment to SMU."

Every conversation matters

SMU Telepony students call to:

  • Reconnect with undergraduate and graduate alumni, as well as with parents of current and graduated Mustangs.
  • Update contact information.
  • Provide up-to-date information about SMU events and news.
  • Give alumni and parents opportunities to make gifts of support.

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