Marketing & Communications

Marketing & Communications

SMU Marketing & Communications is a full-service department within SMU Development and External Affairs that supports DEA and University priorities by working towards three goals:

  1. Increase national recognition of SMU as a comprehensive research university;
  2. Increase the number of alumni and North Texans who perceive SMU as a smart investment for making a positive impact in Dallas;
  3. Increase the number of tier-one prospective students in Texas who rank SMU as their top choice.

Marketing & Communications

Marketing & Communications is led by an assistant vice president and organized in six functional teams: creative marketing, planning, media and community engagement, university communications, digital marketing and social media teams. These teams collaborate closely in developing marketing strategies and materials to strengthen recognition by alumni, donors, prospective students, parents, current students and the broader community that SMU truly shapes world changers. For general inquiries please contact us at or give us a call at 214-768-7650.

Regina Moldovan
Assistant Vice President for Marketing and Communications

Creative Marketing

The Creative Marketing team handles all the writing, design, photography, videography, and production of print and digital marketing materials that grow, engage and inspire people to get involved with SMU. This team shares stories about the impact of students, faculty, staff, alumni and donors on their communities and professions – and promotes opportunities for people to deepen their engagement with SMU.

Emily Hughes-Armour
Executive Director


The Planning team is devoted to project management, planning, analytics and insights that oversee all projects. This team serves as a conduit for communication between Marketing and Communication and other DEA teams, schools and units, manages analytics, assures compliance with SMU brand standards and processes and creates the advertising plan.

Neil Robinson
Executive Director

Media & Community Relations

The Media & Community Relations team focuses on outbound media relations and third-party endorsements gained by news placements. This team promotes SMU nationally and locally as a comprehensive research university, and expands SMU's community presence through participation in area events and programs and by inviting the community to increase its involvement in SMU projects and programs.

Kim Cobb
Executive Director

Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing team strengthens online engagement through web, email, social media and new technologies with SMU alumni, prospective students, current students, faculty and staff. This team consults with, advises, coordinates and helps train digital marketers across the University's schools and units on best practices and presenting a cohesive and unified approach.

Bohao Zhang
Executive Director for Digital Marketing

Strategic Communications

The Strategic Communications team manages crises, internal and executive communications, which includes advising SMU during emergency and challenging situations and supporting administrative leaders on strategic internal communications.

Dianne Anderson