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Photo and Video Services

Photography and Video Services

Photography and video help illustrate and define the SMU brand personality as authentic, welcoming and inclusive. Our visual presentation of students, faculty and alumni engage and surprise our audiences while connecting them to the University. Our visual stories capture the authentic, outgoing image and voice of the SMU brand and present the University as welcoming to all, while showing the importance of the work being done by members of the SMU community in creative and inspiring ways.

SMU Marketing and Communications maintains a branded photo collection, Media Archive, that is continually updated to reflect the full range of faculty, students, academic and campus life at SMU. Media Archive is a digital asset management system that works in partnership with SMU Box. Users can search for photos using keywords, download images, store collections for easy reference and share images with University colleagues.

Access to Media Archive is currently limited to official University marketing of schools and units, with limited license permission granted by SMU Marketing and Communications. For smaller, one-time projects with specific image needs, access may be granted to a Box of assets, or temporarily to Media Archive.

Terms and Conditions for Use of All SMU Photos and Video

Southern Methodist University owns the permissions to all photos and videos in Media Archive and at Permission to use any of these assets is granted for official University communications or personal use only. Use of SMU’s photos and videos without permission is strictly prohibited. No individual, regardless of his affiliation with the University, may use any University imagery in any manner that suggests or implies University support or endorsement of a point of view, personal or political opinion, business activity, or movement.

Requesting Photography and Video Services

Photography and video of University facilities and events must be done in partnership with the University and SMU Marketing and Communications. To secure a photographer or videographer for an assignment, please submit a request as soon as you know about the possible need, and at least four weeks in advance. Because University-wide priorities limit the availability of SMU staff, we may book outside resources to fulfill your request. If you prefer, we can provide names of freelance photographers or videographers you may hire.

To request photography or video services, or to get a cost estimate, please fill out the form here.

Request Services

All freelance photographers and videographers must be under legal contract with SMU for copyright usage, carry liability insurance (insurance requirements below), agree to location standards, secure model releases as needed and take responsibility for metadata keywording for digital archiving. A standardized keyword list and metadata best-practices guide for use by freelance photographers and videographers are available by request. Link to keyword guide:


For information about access to photos and videos, freelance requirements and digital archiving standards, please contact Laura Graham, SMU Marketing and Communications, by emailing or


Fees are billed at a two-hour minimum and are subject to the availability of a staff photographer.

  • Photography $150-$250 per hour (usually 2-hour minimum)
  • Digital post-production $50 per hour (usually 1 hour for most assignments; required for all assignments)
  • Video Per estimate (will include any necessary digital post-production)
  • Formal backdrop portraits Per estimate
  • Environmental and group portraits Per estimate

Portraits are arranged on an as-needed basis with representatives in each school, department or center. Portrait costs are based on portrait style, number of individuals being photographed, post-production and delivery needs.

Delivery of Scheduled Assignments

Photos and/or videos are made available through Box and/or Media Archive four weeks after the assignment. If you need to receive key photos and/or video footage before then, please indicate what is needed and a due date at the time you submit your request.