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Undergraduate Studies

The Division of Theatre offers students the knowledge, skills and critical perspective necessary for building the strongest foundation possible - in body, mind and spirit - for a lifelong engagement with their art and their world. We make and teach theatre that celebrates the human spirit, that is deeply engaged with the larger world, and that represents the very highest standards.

During four years as undergraduates in the Division of Theatre, students have the opportunity to explore their potential as actors, directors, designers, stage managers or playwrights and to go wherever their inspiration and abilities lead them. The study of theatre at SMU is intensive and, within a strong liberal arts context, unique.

If theatre artists are to represent life on stage, they must acquire personal and intellectual experience from the world in which they live. To this end all theatre majors pursue coursework not only in theatre but also in the social and natural sciences, literature, technology, communications and other areas of human experience.

The theatre program at SMU is one of the most highly regarded training programs in the country. Each year between 20 and 25 undergraduate students are admitted from over 300 scheduled auditions across the country. We seek students who represent the very highest standards of excellence and creativity. We seek students who reflect the diversity of our culture. We seek students with intelligence, imagination, talent and passion.

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Art History

Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship

Corporate Communication and Public Affairs

Creative Computation


Film and Media Arts




Undergraduate Studies


B.F.A. in Theatre - Acting Specialization

B.F.A. in Theatre - Theatre Studies Specialization

Minor In Musical Theatre

Minor in the History of Visual and Performing Arts

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