Corporate Communication and Public Affairs

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B.A. in Public Relations and Strategic Communication

Effective Fall 2016

Major Entry Requirements: 3.0 GPA across STAT 2331; CCPA 2327; and CCPA 3300

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Requirements for the Degree Credit Hours

Core Requirements
Taken before entry into the major:

  • CCPA 2327 Communication Theory
  • CCPA 3300 Free Speech and First Amendment

All remaining courses taken after entry into the major, beginning with the following two courses:

  • CCPA 2375 Communication Research and Data Analytics
  • CCPA 3355 Principles of Public Relations

Students may double major in Corporate Communication and Public Affairs, Advertising, or Journalism; certain restrictions apply.
Additional hours for other University requirements vary. See an advisor for details.

Course Requirements
  • Public Speaking
    • CCPA 2300 Public Speaking in Context
  • Writing
    • CCPA 2308 Introduction to Newswriting for Public Relations or DISC 1313 Introduction to Newswriting
    • CCPA 3382 Advanced Writing for Public Relations
  • Professional Development
    • CCPA 3310 Crisis Management
    • CCPA 4130 Professional Seminar
    • CCPA 4340 Corporate Public Relations Strategy or CCPA 4386 Financial Communication
  • Media and Technology
    • CCPA 3335 Principles of Digital Communication and Social Media
    • One 3-hr elective from the following:
      • ADV 1360 Creative Production
      • ASIM 1300 Creative Computation I
      • ASIM 1310 Art and Code I
      • CCPA 4335 Advanced Digital Communication
      • CCPA 4338 Creative Production for Communicators
      • FILM 1304 Production I
      • JOUR 2304 Basic Video and Audio Production
      • JOUR 3357 Photojournalism
  • Campaign Development
    • CCPA 4394 Mustang Consulting III: Leadership Practicum or CCPA 4395 Boulevard Consulting Practicum
Intercultural/International Communication
  • COMM 3321: Communication in Global Contexts
  • COMM 3341: Ethnicity, Culture, & Gender: Intro to Critical Studies in Comm (also CFB)
  • COMM 4385: Communication, Technology and Globalization
  • CCPA 4390: Globalization, Economics, and Communication
  • JOUR 4360: Women and Minorities in the Media

Ethics Course Requirement

  • CCPA 2328 Communication Ethics or JOUR 2302 Ethics of Convergent Media

Internship Requirements

  • CCPA 4320 Public Relations in Local Context or CCPA 4396 Mustang Consulting: Internship
(3 hours for majors; 4 hours for CCPA, ADV, and JOUR double majors)

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B.A. in Corporate Communication and Public Affairs

B.A. in Public Relations and Strategic Communication

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