Campus and community resources

Any student who experiences sexual harassment is urged to seek help as soon as possible. In cases of sexual assault, dating violence or domestic violence, students are urged to obtain medical care and contact police as soon as possible.

SMU provides a number of resources to all students, including students who have been accused of sexual harassment, witnesses in these cases and friends of students involved in these cases. 

It is important to note that all SMU faculty and staff members are mandatory reporters, meaning they are required by law to report cases of sexual harassment to SMU’s Title IX Coordinator. This requirement applies to all employees, including confidential counselors in Counseling Services and the Chaplain's Office, although these employees are only required to report the type of incident and may not include any information that would violate a student's expectation of privacy. 


Please note: In addition to reporting cases of sexual harassment to the Title IX Coordinator, the following officials are some of the Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) required by the federal Clery Act to notify SMU Police when a case of sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence or stalking has been reported. However, they are not required to provide the identity of the person reporting the case to SMU Police.

SMU Police

For 24/7 emergency help and criminal reporting, call 214-768-3333 or pick up a blue-light phone on campus.

SMU Title IX Coordinator

For internal grievance information and reporting, call 214-768-3601 or email

Office of Student Advocacy and Support

For support and information about resources and options, call 214-768-4512 or email



Please note: The following resources must honor confidentiality, except under very limited circumstances such as an imminent threat of danger to oneself or others or to report the type of incident to the Title IX Coordinator.

Counseling Services

For confidential counseling, call 214-768-2277 (an emergency contact number is provided at all hours).

Chaplain's Office

For confidential counseling, call 214-768-4502.



Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Program

For medical care and a forensic exam that preserves evidence, call 214-345-6203.

The Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center (DARCC)

For confidential counseling and assistance, call 972-641-7273 (24-hour hotline).



To SMU Police: Individuals who wish to anonymously provide SMU Police with information regarding suspicious or criminal activity to  may call 214-768-2TIP (2847) or submit information online at

To the SMU Title IX Coordinator: Those who wish to anonymously report information regarding Title IX sexual harassment to SMU's Title IX Coordinator may complete the Title IX Sexual Harassment Complaint Form or Title IX Sexual Harassment Third-Party Report Form posted at The form may be submitted anonymously, with a name and contact information or by a third party. The form may be emailed to; submitted in Perkins Administration Building, Room 204; or mailed to the Title IX Coordinator, P.O. Box 750200, Dallas, TX 75275-0200.