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Office of Institutional Access and Equity


Office of Institutional Access and Equity (IAE)

IAE Mission

To affirm and acknowledge relevant laws and regulations; to promote access, opportunity and diversity among the student and employee populations; to maintain policies, procedures and programs that prohibit discrimination and retaliation against employees, students and applicants, and provide for a redress of grievances; and to assist in the initiation of specific efforts to overcome under-utilization and under-representation of women, minorities, persons with disabilities, and covered veterans.

One of our goals is to increase awareness and understanding of University sexual and racial harassment policies through educational programs for faculty, staff, and students.

Click here to see SMU's Statement of Non-Discrimination.

Title IX

For questions or concerns regarding Title IX and sexual violence, please contact the Title IX Coordinator in IAE.

Major Office Functions:

  • Faculty, Staff and Student Discrimination/Harassment Complaint Investigations and Inquiries
  • Search and Recruitment Consultation
  • Training
  • Employee Disability Accommodations
  • Affirmative Action Plan
  • Policy and Program Development and Implementation
  • Liaison to Diverse Constituencies