OIT Training On-Demand

OIT Training On-DemandWith OIT’s Training On-Demand, you can access many of our webinars at your convenience.

For instruction beyond what we offer below, we have LinkedIn Learning. Through LinkedIn Learning, you have access to thousands of courses presented by industry experts who are just as passionate about teaching as we are. One of the benefits of LinkedIn Learning courses is they can be viewed on your computer, phone, tablet, or TV. To see what is available, please visit smu.edu/linkedin.

In addition to our online webinars, step-by-step documentation and walk through videos may be accessed directly from our service pages. Visit IT Services to view a comprehensive list of service offerings.


Getting Started with Appspace & Digital Signage

Academic Tools

Tech Tip Tuesday 2019: Canvas


Adobe & Microsoft Certifications at SMU: An Overview

Communication Solutions

Unified Messaging: Your New Voicemail

Using Lyris Email Lists

Tech Tip Tuesday 2019: Lyris Tips

Tech Tip Tuesday 2019: Outlook Part One

Tech Tip Tuesday 2019: Outlook Part Two

Wiki.SMU Quick Tips

Working with Wiki.SMU

Telephone Q&A

Productivity & Creativity

Wrangling Text In Excel

Enhancing Your Presentations with PowerPoint & Sway

Working with DocuSign

Adobe Acrobat Basics: And Overview of Work-Ready Features

Adobe Acrobat: Making Accessible PDFs

Excel Crash Course: Altshuler Learning Enhancement Center Presentation

Video Editing with Adobe Rush


Using the SMU Password Reset Tool


Using Sitecore: Sitecore Basics

Sitecore Features: Using the Jumbotron

Sitecore Features: Adding General Features

Storage Solutions

Getting Started with Box Cloud Storage

New Features in Box, Spring 2021

Network Storage: What, Where & When