Release of Academic Records

Relations may elect or waive coverage in the SMU Student Health Insurance Plan online on behalf of the student, once the student has granted them Health Insurance access by logging into my.SMU and authorizing the release of the academic records.

How to Release Academic Records in my.SMU

Add Access

  1. Select  Release of Education Records.
  2. Click the Add Access tab.
  3. Click the Request New Parent or Request Relations (excluding parents) button.
  4. Fill out and submit the appropriate form. Depending on the request that was submitted, it may take a few days to process. 
  5. Once the relationship has been added, return to the Release of Records page. Click Edit Access. Check the box next to the relation you would like to grant permission.
  6. Below check the box next to each portion of your academic record you would like to grant access for. Visit the Release of Education Records for Students for additional definitions for each description. 
  7. Click Submit. If your authorized user has not used my.SMU before, they will receive an e-mail at the address you provided to set up their account. You may also revoke or change this access at any time.

Edit Access 

  1. Select a relation from the list, by checking the box next to the relation’s name.
  2. Assign, add, or remove areas of access.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. Complete the confirmation page again by reading the release statement, and clicking the “I Agree” checkbox.
  5. Submit the request to edit access for your relation by selecting Done.
  6. Notification emails will be sent to you and your relation detailing the change of access that was submitted.
    PLEASE NOTE: If you chose to remove access from a relation, that relation will receive an email that his/her access has been removed. 

For more information, visit the Release of Education Records for Students to learn how to reset your relations account, or review answers to our Frequently Asked Questions.  

NOTE TO PARENTS/GUARDIANS:  Federal law requires that the student must initiate a request for release of their private academic records. If you need access, contact your student and have them complete the above process.