Student working in class on their laptop.

Software Installation Services

The IT Help Desk assists with the installation of SAS, Windows 10, GMETRIX and other applications pertinent to course instruction on personal, non-SMU computers. Customers may utilize our help guides to perform the installation tasks themselves or schedule an appointment with our team.

Please Note: Students, including Mac users, can access SAS, GMetrix, and the Microsoft Office Suite on a Windows virtual environment at without installing the softwares on their local machine. Due to license restrictions, only a limited number of users can user Apporto at once. If you are unable to use Apporto, you may also use SAS and the Microsoft Office applications via

Get Started

Schedule an appointment

  1. Click the Schedule an appointment button above to schedule at time for your software install.
  2. Follow the steps detailed in the appointment confirmation email
  3. Drop off your laptop at the IT Help Desk at your appointment time (located in Fondren Library West)
  4. Pick up your computer once the installation is complete

Install from Home

Customers are able to install software on their own by accessing installers on our software share. For the best experience, connect via ethernet before beginning an installation.

For SAS installation information on a Windows machine, please see the SAS service page and follow the instructions. *SAS will not run on a Mac. You may use SAS within a virtual environment at or download our pre-built virtual machine which includes SAS.

For instructions on how to install other available software and virtual machines, please see the Self Service Guides section.

Introductory Video