David Challier


Adjunct Lecturer, Visiting Artist





Born in the French Alps mountains, David Challier is an artist both based in Dallas, Texas (USA) and in Simiane-La-Rotonde, Alpes de Haute Provence (France). Working primarily in the glass and ceramic scientific research and in decorative arts -- Manufacture Nationale de Sèvres, Conservatoire des Ocres et des Couleurs (Ôkhra), Centre International de l’Art Verrier (CIRVA), Conservatoire des Métiers du Patrimoine -- Challier makes pieces of art that are seemingly ancient artifacts and very contemporary objects in equal measure.

An apprenticeship at age 15 with world-renowned artist Camille Virot, led Challier to obtain, in 1995, a B.S. in Life and Earth Sciences from University of Aix-Marseille (France) followed by a B.A. in Fine Arts Techniques (1997) and a M.F.A. in Fine Arts Education (1999) from École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Marseille (France). In 2007, Challier became a Certified Body of Arts Technician from Manufacture Nationale de Sèvres (France) where he conducted a wide range of research and production of pigments, stains, glazes, slips, and all types of earthenware, stoneware and porcelain pastes.

Prior to joining Meadows, Challier taught geology and ceramurgy at various private organizations and universities in France, Senegal, and Belgium, including the Royal School of Design and Arts of La Cambre (Belgium), Prometer (Limoges) and Point Fusion Training Center (Provence). He also collaborated with many world-renowned artists among which are Erik Dietman, Gaetano Pesce, Giuseppe Penone, Johan Creten, Gustavo Perez and Gilles Barbier.

Challier’s inspiration mostly comes from geology, archeology, architecture and ancient heritage knowledge. Mineral landscapers, Modernist design and mid-century architecture as well as Arte Povera and Conceptual Art movements are inspiring him to create various two- and three-dimensional paintings, sculptures and installations.

Often related to the notions of cycles and metamorphic processes that exist in the mineral, organic, or animal kingdoms, David Challier’s artwork is questioning our perception of the various human, humanity, geological, and universal times, and the consequences our actions have on our environment, our society or humankind history.


Certified as Body of Art Technician, Manufacture Nationale de Sèvres (France)
Master’s degree in Fine Arts Education, École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Marseille – ESADMM (France)
Bachelor of Arts, in Fine Arts Techniques, École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts – ESBAM, Marseille (France)
Bachelor of Science – Life and Earth Sciences; Art History and Fine Arts, University of Aix-Marseille (France)
Baccalaureate, Nature Sciences & Agronomy, Lycée Agricole Avignon, (France)

Recent Work

Notable professional experience:

2022→2023 Geology; ceramic; mineral pigment research in northern Texas.

2019→2022 Geology; ceramic; glass, plaster and lime research in southern California.

2010→2019 Geology and ceramurgy researcher and professor in Senegal, Belgium and France.

2005→2009 Ceramic researcher; porcelain; stoneware glazes; Manufacture Nationale de Sèvres (Sèvres, France)

1999→2005 All media color, binder and ceramics professor; metal patinas; fresco; Venetian plaster; concrete; oil and watercolor; fabric dyes; glazes and ceramic, Conservatoire des Ocres et des Couleurs (Okhra – Roussillon, France)

1998→2002 Glass color and thermal process researcher, Centre International d’Art Verrier (CIRVA – Marseille, France)

Research and teaching  

2021present: DACERLAB, Founder and CEO of the Dallas Ceramurgy Laboratory, research laboratory specialized in all types of materials processed by firing clays, lime, gypsum and other minerals for artists in North Texas.

2019present: COMPPAS/US, Founder and CEO, COMPPAS/US is a skills and knowledge research laboratory specialized in ceramic processed from wild raw clays in the United States

2016present: COMPPAS/EU, Founder and CEO (Conservatoire des Métiers du Patrimoine

de Provence Alpes du Sud- Europe), COMPPAS/EU is a skills and knowledge transfer center

in ceramurgy specialized in, the areas of mineral binders as plaster, cement concretes, coatings, aggregates, and paintwork, ceramic, glass and metal.

1999present: Founder and CEO of OEUIL, (Organisme dEtudes Utiles aux Innovations Locales France)

Developed research techniques and development of local materials used raw, as binders, as fillers

and/or adjuvants in any combination, and their transformation through processing and firing.

OEUIL generated a wide range of materials indexations, characterize, methods, processes and implementation in ceramics,

glass, metal casting and decoration techniques (coatings, Venetian plasters, limewash, frescoes, patinas, etc.).

1990present: Founder of, ALLO (Atelier Labo de LOlivet France) research private laboratory (Atelier Labo de l’Olivet) research and development of many specifics metal, glass and frit kilns to go beyond commercial kilns’ capabilities, in particular controlling the atmosphere in heating and cooling ramps beyond cone 12.

Course list

Ceramics Technology ASCE 1310
David Challier