Education Records

What are Education Records?

With certain exceptions, an education record is any record (1) directly related to a student (i.e. contains information from which a student can be personally identified) and (2) maintained by the university. A student has the right of access to these records. Education records include any records in whatever medium (handwritten, print, magnetic tape, film, diskette, etc.) in the possession of any school official. This includes transcripts or other records obtained from a school in which a student was previously enrolled.

What is not Included in an Education Record?

  • Sole Possession records or private notes held by school officials that are not accessible or released to other personnel. Any note that is made in conjunction with a student or other school official is not a sole possession record. Sharing the notes with another person, or placing them in an area where they can be viewed by others, makes them "education records" and subject to FERPA.
  • Law enforcement or campus security records that are solely for law enforcement purposes and maintained solely by the law enforcement unit.
  • Employment records relating to individuals who are employed by the institution (unless contingent upon attendance).
  • Medical records relating to treatment provided by a physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, or other recognized professional or paraprofessional and disclosed only to individuals providing treatment.
  • Alumni records of an institution that contain only information about an individual obtained after that person is no longer a student at that institution.

Contact Information for Education Records

Types of Records Office Contact Information
Academic Advisement University Advising Center 408M Laura Lee Blanton Student Services Building, e-mail:, Tel: 214-768-2291
UG Dedman College Records 134 Clements Hall, e-mail:, Tel: 214-768-2298
UG Cox (BBA) 252 Maguire,  e-mail:
Tel: 214-768-3195
UG Meadows 1120 Owen Arts Center, Tel: 214.768.2754

UG Lyle 253 Caruth, Tel: 214-768-3039
UG Simmons 234 Simmons, Tel: 214-768-2776
GR Dedman 101 Perkins Administration, Tel: 214-768-4202
GR Meadows 1120 Owen Arts Center, Tel: 214-768-4453
MBA Student Services 125 Fincher, e-mail:
Tel: 214-768-2609
GR Lyle 353 Caruth Tel: 214-768-1456
Dedman Law 125 Storey Hall,  e-mail:, Tel: 214-768-2098
Perkins 206 Kirby Hall, Tel: 214.768.2152
GR Simmons 256 Simmons, Tel: 214-768-1012
SMU Guildhall (HART eCenter) Ford Hall, 3100 McFarlin Boulevard
e-mail:, Tel:214-768-4278  
Academic Records University Registrar Laura Lee Blanton Student Services Building
e-mail:, Tel:214-768-3417
Athletics Director of Compliance

316 Loyd Center,  Tel: 214-768-1650

Disciplinary, Student Conduct Dean of Student Life

302 Hughes-Trigg Student Center, Tel:214-768-4563

Disabilities Persons with Disabilities

220 Memorial Health Center, Tel: 214-768-4557

Financial Aid Financial Aid

Laura Lee Blanton Student Services Building
e-mail:, Tel:214-768-3417

Student Financials Student Financials

Laura Lee Blanton Student Services Building
e-mail:,  Tel:214-768-3417

Student Housing Housing

Boaz Hall, 3058 SMU BLVD.
e-mail:, Tel: 214-768-2407

International Student & Scholar Services  International Student & Scholar Services Laura Lee Blanton Student Services Building
e-mail:, Tel:214-768-4475
Study Abroad  Study Abroad Laura Lee Blanton Student Services Building, Tel:214-768-2338