Carrington Lecture Series

The Paul Carrington Memorial Lecture Series

Established: July 1995


The Carrington Lecture is a trust in honor of Paul Carrington, Sr., who was one of the founding partners of the Dallas law firm of Carrington, Coleman, Sloman and Blumenthal.  A graduate of the Harvard School of Law, he was actively engaged in the legal profession from 1919 until 1982.  Carrington was president of the Dallas Bar Association in 1940 and the State Bar of Texas in 1958-1959.  He taught at the SMU School of Law from 1973 to 1981. Prior to the endowed lecture series, the lectures were named Carrington Tax Policy Lectures. 

Carrington Endowed Lecture Series

January 28, 2013
- Antonin Scalia – Associate Justice – Supreme Court of the United States and Bryan A. Garner – Distinguished Research Professor, SMU Dedman School of Law
- Topic was their recent co-authored book:  Scalia and Garner’s Reading Law:  The Interpretation of Legal Texts

April 10, 2013
- Edward B. Rust, Jr. ’75 – Chairman, U.S. Chamber of Commerce & Chairman/CEO State Farm Insurance and Angela Braly ’85 – Chair, President & CEO – WellPoint, Inc. (2007-2012)
- “Business, Law, Regulations:  A CEO Conversation”

October 3, 2012
- Honorable S. M. Krishna, ’59 – External Affairs Minister for India
- “India Now”

April 2, 2009
- Hosted by SMU Dedman School of Law and the Judicial Division of the American Bar Association (ABA)
- A full-day symposium with three panels of distinguished academics, judges, and attorneys
- “Justice for All?: Perceptions of Racial and Ethnic Bias in Our Courts”
- The symposium addressed the presence and impact of bias among judges and juries, whether racial and ethnic bias infects the exercise of discretion by prosecutors, and how language and cultural differences impact experiences and outcomes in litigation

November 10, 2009
- Judge Catharina Haynes – Federal Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit
- Discussed the Challenges facing the American judicial system

April 4, 2007
- Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and Justice Stephen Breyer
- “Fair and Independent Courts:  A Conference on Judicial Independence, Selection and Accountability”

March 7, 2006
- A colloquium on “Law, Culture and Economic Development in Latin America”
- Leading scholars, policymakers and practitioners in the international economic development area
- Keynote luncheon presentation was given by the Honorable Professor Roberto MacLean and the Honorable Roberto Dañino.” Dañino, who is from Peru, was senior vice president and general counsel of the World Bank and the general secretary of the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes. Roberto MacLean, who is also from Peru, was a leading scholar of Latin American comparative law, private international law and development law.  He also served as a judge, policymaker, arbitrator and judicial reform specialist.

November 3, 2004
- Rudolph Dolzer, Professor and Director of the Institute for International Law at the University of Bonn in Germany – Former Director General of the Federal Chancellor of Germany from 1992-1996
- “Foreign Investment Disputes”

April 4-5, 2002
- Robert W. Jordan – U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and 18 prominent international diplomats, scholars, administrators and businessmen
- “Responding to Global Threats:  The Cases for Unilateralism and Multilateralism”
- Series of conferences in response to September 11, 2001

September 11, 2000
- Ms. Lindy Paull – Chief of Staff, Joint Commission on Taxation, U.S. Congress

March 4, 1997
- Edwin S. Cohen – Joseph M. Hartfield Professor of Law, University of Virginia School of Law; Chairman of Graduate Program in Taxation, University of Miami; Former Under Secretary of the Treasury
- “Deep in the Heart of Taxes”

- David G. Glickman – Partner at Baker & McKenzie Law offices
- “Our Tax System – Is It Broken?  Rhetoric Versus Reality”

- Charles O. Galvin – Former Dean, SMU School of Law
- “Formation of Tax Policy:  Past, Present and Future”

Carrington Tax Policy Lectures

- Shirley D. Peterson – Former IRS Commissioner
- “A Commissioner’s Reflections on the Tax System and Possible Considerations in Change”

- Michael A. Andrews -- Former Representative
- “Tax Policy for the 1990’s”

-  Lawrence B. Gibbs -- Former IRS Commissioner
- “Tax System Challenges – Today and Tomorrow?"

- Lloyd Bentsen -- Senator
- “Current Tax and Budget Issues”

- Willis Gradison -- Representative

- Speaker – Boris L. Bittker, Yale Law School’s Sterling Professor Emeritus