Affinity Groups

Asian Pacific American Law Students Association

Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the facilitation of character, community, and culture amongst Asian Pacific American students, professionals and community members.

Black Law Students Association

A.J. Cooper founded the Black Law Students Association (BLSA) on the campus of NYU Law School in 1968 to nurture the educational needs of black law students and affect change in the academic and legal communities. Today the SMU BLSA chapter perpetuates that mission through academic and professional programs that help students of all ethnicities navigate through law school. Our programs seek to empower students with the tools they need to learn business etiquette, networking, and professionalism, in a legal framework. 

Disability Law Association

SMU’s Disability Law Association (DLA) is open to those with disabilities, their allies, and those interested in the area of disability law. We host regular meetings, panels, and social events geared to promoting and fostering a seriously underrepresented community in the legal profession. Thus, DLA is a forum for conversation, a place to pool resources and knowledge, and a way for students to gather and celebrate our differences.

First-Generation Law Student Association

FGLSA is focused on creating a community for first-generation law students. This organization will provide networking opportunities among members and alumni, give professional advice, and create social activities.

Hispanic Law Students Association

The Hispanic Law Students Association's (HLSA) purpose is to serve as a support organization for Hispanic students, to facilitate awareness of education and professional opportunities to these students, and to promote Hispanic interests and awareness in the larger community through involvement with other campus minority organizations, community service projects, and interaction with the Dallas Hispanic legal community.

Jewish Law Students Association

The Jewish Law Students Association (JLSA) is a cultural, social, and educational organization that reflects the varied interests of the Jewish student community of SMU Dedman School of Law. We open our group to anyone and host Shabbat dinners, events on holidays, doing our best to unite a strong Jewish community on and off campus.

Muslim Law Students Association

The Muslim Law Students Association (MLSA) is a student-run organization that serves the unique interests and needs of Muslim law students through community-building, increased awareness of particular issues that impact Muslims, and through collaborations with other organizations dedicated to meaningful discourse. We will have educational and social events throughout the semester. Everyone is welcome!

Non-Traditional Law Students Association

The Non-Traditional Law Students Association is dedicated to meeting the needs and concerns of the non-traditional SMU Dedman Law student, including but not limited to married students, students with children, those who hold full time jobs and/or are returning to school from the position of an established career, and part-time and evening students. We also sponsor SMU Law Babies, a social group for law students with small children.


SMU OUTlaw is a diverse group of law students, faculty, staff, and their significant others and friends who all support lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons and initiatives. OUTlaw works to enrich the SMU Dedman School of Law community by providing educational programs open to the entire student body, career-related events linking students with the Dallas legal community, and social and small group events both on and off campus.

South Asian Law Students Association

The South Asian Law Student Association (SALSA) exists to increase the visibility of South Asian and Middle Eastern (SAME) culture on campus, to advocate for increased professional and academic advancement opportunities for (SAME) students, and to create a conduit with the SAME legal community in Texas. 

Veterans Law Association

SMU Veterans Law Association (VLA) strives to ensure that veterans and their families are supported by legal representation in all matters. VLA also supports legislation that benefits those who served to keep America's freedoms safe from those that would try to end them.

Women in Law

Women in Law (WIL) is a student organization that strives to increase career, mentoring, and networking opportunities for all women at SMU Dedman School of Law.