The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

In today’s business environment, it’s not enough to just do things differently. You must learn to do different things. This workshop will help you change the fundamental way you approach your jobs, relationships, even problems and opportunities by helping you:

• break common ineffective behavioral habits
• reclaim control of your life
• learn to focus on what matters most
• communicate more effectively
• develop strong, trusting relationships
• improve your personal and professional results

When you see and think differently, you will act differently. And those actions will produce superior results at home and at work.

This workshop fulfills one elective credit for Manager Orientation.

Dates: no sessions are currently scheduled
Please note that attendance on all 3 days is required to complete the course. 


Location: HR Training Room, 208 Expressway Tower

Mary Stall, Senior HR Specialist, Organizational Effectiveness

Required Pre-Work for the Class: 
There are no pre-requisites or pre-work assignments for this workshop.

Parking: Park in the All-University Parking (AUP) east of the building.

No SMU parking sticker? Email for assistance.

We encourage you to dress in layers to ensure your comfort in the room throughout the day.