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Expert analysis of the presidential campaigns

Republicans and Democrats
Between now and the political conventions in July 2016 — the Democrats in Philadelphia and the Republicans in Cleveland — words and videos meant to persuade and distort will only intensify . . . Read more. 
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Featured News & Experts

Black History Month Collage

Black History Month
SMU is celebrating Black History Month during February with a variety of events and presentations.

Portrait of Marie Cronin, c. 1906 by Claudio Castelucho y Diana (Spanish, 1870-1927)

New Meadows Exhibits
Two new exhibits featuring female artists open this weekend at the Meadows Museum.

summer camps

SMU Summer Camps 2016
SMU offers a slate of summer camps for kids and teens, from art to athletics to science.

Thomas Knock

Recalling McGovern
History Prof. Thomas Knock has written a new biography on 1972 presidential hopeful George McGovern.

Joshua Rovner

Wash. Post: Realism 'fleeting'
Foreign policy ‘realism' is 'almost certainly be fleeting,' says Tower Center Distinguished Chair Joshua Rovner.


The Art of Attack

Republicans struggle with the art of attack as Trump threatens a knockout victory in South Carolina.
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