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Learning and Development at SMU

Manager Lunch and Learn Series

Join your peers in these brief and informal sessions designed to provide managers and senior leaders with insightful bites of information to leverage your strengths as you lead others.  Learn about the change process, creative ways to manage through change to get the outcomes you desire, and ways to be resilient and care for self and others.

Feel free to lunch while you learn - HR will provide the drinks!  RSVP via my.SMU>Self Service>Learning and Development>Request Training Enrollment for these sessions. 

Questions or want to learn more about bringing these sessions to your team as a custom consultation?  Email us at


Delegating Effectively

The ability to delegate work among those you supervise is an essential leadership skill leading to more productive and engaged team
members as well as effectively and efficiently managing the work required of the team.  Learn what delegation is and gain insights into
your delegation style.

To be scheduled in the Spring 2018


Your position as a leader isn’t enough to motivate others to do what you ask.  Increasing your ability to influence can help you achieve
the results you want and need.
To be scheduled in the Spring 2018  

Building Resiliency

People naturally resist change especially when the perceived impact is not positive.  Developing resiliency skills will support you as you
lead others through change and help you as a leader learn, grow and survive change as it occurs.

November 28, 2017 11:30-1:00 PM

Managing Leadership Stress

 The consequence of not managing stress well takes a toll on leaders and those around them.  Understand the nature of stress and 
learn ways to manage yourself first and then those around you to ensure organizational success.
To be scheduled in the Spring 2018    


Adaptability as a skillset is necessary in order to be effective in a complex and changing work environment; both as a leader and for those
on your team.  Understand the elements of adaptability and learn strategies you can being to practice immediately to stretch yourself and
those you lead.

To be scheduled in the Spring 2018