Navigating Difficult Conversations

Many people avoid difficult conversations or handle them poorly because afraid to address uncomfortable issues and feel unprepared to respond to the emotional reactions that inevitable arise.

Navigating Difficult Conversations: Turn Tension Intro Progress™ takes a targeted approach to helping learners manager emotional tension and conduct conversations in a way that enables all parties to stay engaged in collaborative dialogue.  Learned will shift their mindset from fearing and avoiding difficult conversations to seeing them as the way to make progress on important issues.  And they'll develop the skills to build trust and respect in every relationship as they navigate sensitive topics.

Make Progress With Courage & Consideration
Learners will discover how to balance Courage and Consideration throughout the conversation by:

  • Starting with their Purpose—the issue they need to make progress on—and Positive Intent—how they want the other person to benefit from the conversation.
  • Responding to emotional reactions using the skills: 
    • Pause, Don’t Panic
    • Observe, Don’t Judge
    • Ask, Don’t Assume

Date: Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Time: 9:00 am - noon   

Facilitator: Mary Stall, Senior HR Specialist, Organizational Effectiveness

Location:  HR Training Room, Expressway Tower #208

Enroll Now via my.SMU>Learning and Development>Request Training Enrollment.  Use Course Code "HRNDC".

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