Your Contact Information

Keep Your Contact Information Current in my.SMU

It is very important to keep your personal contact information up to date with SMU so that you receive emergency notifications and other announcements.

SMU Students, Faculty and Staff

To add or update your contact information for an SMU Alert, please log in to my.SMU and select the Personal Information box. Scroll to Phone Numbers and select Change Phone Numbers. Add or update your number and select your Mobile number at the Preferred phone type, then select Save. The following day, your mobile number will be added/updated in the SMU Alert system.

SMU Parents and Families

SMU parents and families may receive updates via text by texting “SMUParent” to 226787.

During an emergency, SMU’s primary focus is on our students, faculty, staff and visitors. To minimize the potential of delaying messaging to those immediately impacted by the threat, please refrain from contacting the SMU Police Department and other SMU departments. It is essential that the telephone system be available for emergency communications and staff remain focused on managing the emergency.

In the event of a critical incident, SMU will communicate pertinent information to parents and families as soon as possible. In the event of a severe University crisis, the University will provide up-to-date crisis information by one or more options previously identified as an SMU Alert.