SMU requires immediate shelter when a SMU Alert is issued, or authorized personnel direct you to do so. Departments are responsible to ensure all people in their building are aware of the need to shelter.

  • Know when there is a threat for severe weather; find a trusted source for your weather information, whether a smartphone app, social media, a website, television or radio.
  • Be aware of where you may take shelter in any of the buildings you regularly spend time.

  • Go into a building
  • Move away from glass windows, exterior walls and doors
  • Go to the lowest possible level in a building
    • Exception: if the building has no basement and the ground level of the building is a large glass area. In this case you may be safer on a floor without as much glass
  • Move to hallways that are at the center of the building, or designated Tornado Shelter Areas
  • Move to restrooms without an exterior wall