Tornado Watch

Means that conditions are favorable for tornadoes to form. Be alert to weather conditions and announcements.

  • Monitor weather reports/conditions
  • Be prepared to seek shelter

Tornado Warning

  • Are indicated by radar or trained spotters. The National Weather Service issues tornado warnings and the City of University Park activates the outdoor sirens. TAKE SHELTER!
  • Move to Tornado Shelter Area(s)
  • Continue to monitor weather reports/conditions via mobile device, weather radio, etc.
  • Continue to shelter until an All Clear is issued by the University
  • Report any damage you observe to the Facilities Support Center at 214-768-7000

Mobility Impairment

Supervisory personnel and course instructors are responsible for identifying and escorting individuals with mobility impairments or physical disabilities located in their offices/facilities, or classrooms to safety in the event of a tornado warning.

Elevators may be used to transport individuals with mobility impairments or physical disabilities and their escorts to a safer location. Visually impaired and hearing impaired individuals may be escorted down the stairs, but may require assistance in moving in crowded staircases and in finding a safer location.

In the event of a power failure, individuals who are unable to use the stairs and their escorts should move to an interior location without windows and call SMU PD at 214-768-3333, who will notify the appropriate emergency personnel with the location.