JB Stockslager '16

JB Stockslager


Full Name: JB Stockslager

Grad Year: 2016

School: Cox School of Business 

JB Stockslager took the helm of the SMU Young Alumni Board in June. We sat down with him over the internet and asked him a few questions.

What do you do for work?

I am a month into a new position as CEO of Alliance Services and we provide 1 on 1 support for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, partnering them with a provider to care for them in their home or their local community setting. We care for our customers and providers like they are part of our family and tailor assistance to the needs of our people to help them build daily routines, meet their goals, and integrate them into the larger community.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I came to faith while I was at SMU and ever since it’s been what my life centers around, so I spend a lot of time in faith-based communities and exploring faith with others. I’m also a big sports nerd, I’m a big football and basketball fan and I love playing tennis and golf. Otherwise, I sing and write songs with an old friend and am a reader, specifically of history books. 

What was the last show you binge watched?

I just got done watching The Chosen. Usually, my favorite TV show answer is SpongeBob, so I think in some ways I need to grow up a little *laughs*

What’s your favorite memory from being on the Hilltop?

There are so many good ones. One that was really cool as an undergrad was being on a team of students that presented in front of the Board of Trustees about building a new student center based on communicated student need and a desire to keep students on campus. The project was approved and that was the first step in the eventual remodel that was finished last year. 

The best memories were centered around how we could help the student body. I didn’t know anyone when I came to SMU, but I became involved by being the guy who continuously raised my hand and asked how could I help. SMU is such a rewarding place if you want to be involved and pursue change. 

What are two things you’re looking to accomplish as the new Young Alumni Board chair?

First, I want us to be more connected with the students. Our board is passionate about our individual SMU experiences and seek to figure out how we can help the students have the best SMU experience possible. 

The other thing I want us to do is take ownership of how we’re actually helping the SMU community continue to thrive. This means taking a more proactive role as board members in defining our board’s place within the SMU community.

What’s the best part about being involved at SMU as an alum?

The best thing is being able to continue to help SMU to grow as a university while interacting with some of the same people who I loved being involved with in undergrad as well as new faces. There are so many awesome people at SMU who do great things once they graduate and I am lucky to continue to interact with them, world changers are really shaped here and that’s what motivates me.

Anything you want to add?

My SMU experience was so foundational to the person I have become. On campus my viewpoint was always, because I’ve been blessed with so much I want to do all I can to give back and help other students  succeed at SMU and SMU empowered me to pursue change in a way that has helped me not to settle as I have started my career. At SMU, if you care and you want something badly enough their answer is almost always “how can we help.”


If you want to connect with JB or are interested in learning more about the Young Alumni Board, you can reach out to him at jbstockslager@smu.