Taos Cultural Institute: July 15-18, 2021

Taos Cultural Institute

SMU-in-Taos Cultural Institute

An unforgettable weekend in the Land of Enchantment awaits July 15-18, 2021

After significant discussion and thought, SMU has made the difficult decision to reschedule SMU-in-Taos Cultural Institute from July 16-19, 2020 until July 15-18, 2021. In addition to health and safety concerns regarding social distancing and travel, closures due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will inhibit our ability to deliver the magical Taos experience our attendees have come to love.

However, as all of us were truly excited for the slate of courses this year, the 2020 faculty have agreed to execute their planned courses next July 15-18, 2021.

We look forward to seeing you next summer.

If you have already registered for this summer’s SMU-in-Taos Cultural Institute, please click here to learn more about your options.