Congratulations on your upcoming graduation!

Graduation requirements vary by school and degree. Please read on for specific instructions to ensure a smooth and memorable experience.

Graduate resources

Embark on an exhilarating graduation journey and unlock a world of valuable resources tailored for your success

Apply for graduation

You will be contacted by your school of record informing you that you are eligible to apply for graduation. Applications are completed online through the student dashboard in my.SMU. Additional information and filing deadlines are found under Graduation and Diploma Services.


Graduate group posing for a photo


By default, your primary/legal name listed in my.SMU will print on the diploma. You can add or update the name listed on your degree in my.SMU using the following guidelines.

  • A first name may be shortened to an initial (e.g. Larry is now “L”).
  • An initial can be expanded (e.g., J is now Judy).
  • A middle name that is not currently listed in my.SMU can be added (e.g., John Doe is now John “Michael” Doe).
  • All other changes to the first or last name must be submitted to the University Registrar’s Office. Please visit Graduation and Diploma Services for more information.

Diplomas will be mailed to the home or diploma address listed in my.SMU at the end of January for December graduates and mid-June for May graduates. Please make sure to verify you have a correct address listed.


Transcripts with degrees posed will be available starting January 10, 2024, for December graduates and May 17, 2024, for May graduates.

Please Note: Candidates who owe money to the University may participate in the commencement ceremony, but diplomas and transcripts are held until accounts are cleared. For questions regarding your account, please contact Enrollment Services by calling 214-768-3417.

SMU Rings

The SMU Ring is a tangible and recognizable symbol of pride in SMU and its history. It is a link to classmates, friends, and alumni spread all over the world, as well as a reminder of accomplishments and experiences during college years. Students wear the ring with the seal facing them until the granting of degrees at Commencement. After graduation, the ring is worn with the seal facing outward to symbolize that the graduate is now ready to face the world.

The SMU Ring can be viewed and purchased online through Balfour or by calling 1-800-BALFOUR (225-3687).

Framed SMU diploma

Frames and announcements

You will have an opportunity to purchase a diploma preservation frame from the Michael Sutter Company after commencement. Each diploma preservation frame order will include a second, complimentary diploma. Please visit Michael Sutter to view the variety of frames available.

Personalized announcements containing the name and degree of the candidate may be ordered through Herff Jones.

Frames Announcements

Graduation survey

By sharing your post-graduation plans, you enhance the value of your degree. This allows the University to report aggregate data to improve SMU’s ranking and facilitate interactions with employers. You’ll receive two surveys: one before graduation and one six months after. Completing the follow-up survey enters you to win a gift card.