Spring Rotunda Passage

Spring Rotunda Passage

Friday, January 12, at 4:15 p.m.
The Flagpole on the historic Main Quadrangle

All new first-year and transfer students entering SMU in the spring term are invited to attend SMU’s Spring Rotunda Passage.  At this event, students are formally welcomed to the SMU community.  Highlights of the ceremony include faculty participants in full academic regalia and the presentation of new students by SMU administration. Our Chief Marshal and Student Body President offer inspiring words to set students on their new paths of academic discovery.

During this ceremony, students pass through the rotunda of Dallas Hall, SMU’s first building and a historic landmark. Recognizing that every undergraduate student at SMU has crossed through the Dallas Hall rotunda, students have an opportunity to reflect on their new intellectual paths at SMU.

Graduating students affirm year after year that the full impact of Rotunda Passage is mostly felt at their graduation when they participate in Rotunda Recessional, another SMU tradition when seniors walk through the rotunda of Dallas Hall the opposite way and their thoughts turn back to the beginning of their SMU experience.

Comfortable walking shoes are encouraged. Family members and friends are invited to join us for Spring Rotunda Passage. It’s a special event you will not want to miss!