Unified Messaging
SMU's Campus Voicemail Service

Unified Messaging

Unified Messaging (UM) is the campus voicemail service that automatically transcribes voicemail messages and sends the audio file, along with the voice-to-text transcription, directly to your SMU email inbox!  UM is available for SMU Faculty, Staff, and departmental email accounts in conjunction with personal or departmental campus telephone extensions.

Features available include:

  • Transcriptions of the message and the audio file delivered to your SMU email
  • Ability to enable out of office greetings or alternate greetings through webmail.smu.edu
  • Missed call notifications
  • Ability to call into the voicemail system to access messages as well as the contents of your email or calendar

Who Qualifies for Unified Messaging?

  • Faculty or staff who are assigned a personal phone extension will have voice mail sent to their personal email inbox.
  • Faculty, staff and student employees may also have access to voicemail for a departmental telephone extension in conjunction with a departmental email account.

    Please Note: Student employees must have access to a departmental email account to access unified messaging for a campus phone extension.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are multiple ways to retrieve your voicemails, including on your desktop telephone and within your email client. Visit our knowledge base for details on all of them.

When you delete a message, either on your phone or in your e-mail, it is moved to the Deleted folder in your e-mail, where it is no longer accessible from your phone. Simply locate the message with the audio file in your deleted items folder in your email mailbox.

Log into the voicemail system. After entering your PIN, when prompted say "personal options" and then press 4.  This will be a permanent change to the touchtone interface.

Shared extensions will be attached to a departmental or shared email account. Voice messages will be delivered to that departmental account.

Your greeting(s) may be managed with your desk telephone or via Microsoft Teams. Visit our knowledge base for detailed instructions.

Via Legacy Webmail:

If you mailbox has not yet been migrated to the cloud, you can use webmail to update your greetings:

  1. Login to Webmail
  2. Click the Gear icon in the top-right
  3. Click Options from the drop-down menu
  4. Expand General
  5. Under the Voicemail heading, select Greeting
  6. Choose either Default voice mail greeting or Greeting that lets callers know you'll be away for an extended period of time
  7. After choosing which greeting you want to use, you can choose to have the system call you in order to record that greeting by selecting Call me to play or record selected greeting.

Yes. Press the voicemail key on your Audiocodes IP phone, indicated by an envelope icon which will be illuminated red if you have voice mail.

Touch the Call softkey. Listen to your messages played back to you and then press:

  • 1 to listen,
  • 7 to delete, or
  • 9 to mark as unread