Early Childhood Music

A Dynamic, Interactive Orff Approach For Early Childhood, Pre-K To Grade 3

Participants in this workshop will experience music teaching ideas for

  • Stories. Find out how they enhance musicality and creativity.
  • Puppets. Along with parachutes, scarves, props, felts, and visuals,  learn how colorful fun and imaginative props increase participation and learning.
  • Ukulele. Make the classroom a happier place by incorporating this little gem.
  • Recorder. Sopranino for you. Soprano for the students. A unique, exciting approach.
  • Orff. Discover the How’s and Why’s of using pitched and unpitched Orff/percussion instruments, and what’s best for each stage of a child’s development.
  • Songs. Learn songs, rhymes, dances and stories for every weather, theme, tonality and age group. More than enough to make music all year long!
  • Transitions. Use songs and playful signals to make the classroom experience as musical and magical as possible with less talk and more play!
  • Singing. A sequence of activities for success. Pitch matching and singing with others.
  • Gathering Drum. The benefits are as big as the drum. Hand drums too.
  • Dance and Movement. Free and creative. Structured and timed.

This workshop includes resources for early childhood and elementary, which will be sent to you digitally before the workshop. This course is great for brand-new teachers, as well as long-time experienced teachers.

  • Dates: June 6-8
  • Times: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Daily
  • Noncredit Cost: $300
  • Graduate Credit: Additional $500.00 for 1 hour of graduate credit (Paid separately to SMU)
  • Housing: There is no on-campus housing available for this workshop. For a list of local Dallas hotels near the SMU campus and out-of-state discounts, go to  http://www.campustravel.com/university/smu/visit_smu.html

Required Materials: A ukulele (soprano or concert size), as well as both a sopranino and soprano recorder are required. Aulos or Yamaha are highly recommended for recorders. Printed or digital access to resources shared by Lynn Kleiner the week before the workshop.

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Early Childhood Music Faculty:

Lynn Kleiner has been teaching from an Orff approach in public and private schools since 1978. She is a frequent presenter for school districts throughout the US, for the conferences of AOSA, NAfME, TMEA, and the National Association for Education of the Young Child, as well as for International Orff and music organizations in Asia, Australia, and Europe. In 1983, Kleiner founded Music Rhapsody in response to drastic cuts to California school music programs. Lynn and her team of teachers provide Orff-based programs in studios, schools, and community centers. Her line of Remo instruments and Alfred books/CDs have won several awards. Lynn offers live and online teacher training, curriculum, and resources, including Lynn Kleiner’s Music Box and Music Rhapsody membership. Her Orff levels and Master level teachers include Jos Wuytack, Richard Gill, and Grace Nash. She has taught in the Orff Schulwerk Teacher Educations courses at UCLA.

For further information about SMU Music Educators Workshops, or to register for one of these classes, visit: admission.smu.edu/portal/musicworkshops or contact Directors Julie Scott, Lisa Beyer, and Courtney Wilson at muedworkshops@smu.edu.