Minor in Dance Performance

The minor in dance performance, which is available to all University students, is designed for those with previous dance training who wish to continue the pursuit of their interests within the context of their liberal arts studies. Dance performance minors do not perform in main stage concerts but are eligible to audition for student concerts by permission. Students who wish to take more than nine hours of technique classes may do so by permission. Acceptance criteria for the dance minor are the same as those for the major. The minor requires a minimum of 18 credit hours in dance as outlined below.

See List of Dance Courses & their Description

Requirements for the Minor 18 Credit Hours
Dance Classes
DANC 4373
6 credit hours from the following:
DANC 1151, 1326, 2160, 2170, 3363, 3374 (KNW/CFA 3374), 3337
Performance Technique Classes (three from the following)
  • Ballet: DANC 1311, 2311, 3311
  • Modern Dance: DANC 1321, 2321, 3321
  • Jazz Dance: DANC 1231, 2231, 3231
  • Partnering: DANC 4003–4008, 4103–4108

The Minor in Dance Performance is offered through the Division of Dance.