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Preparing students for the leadership path

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The Division of Corporate Communication and Public Affairs prepares majors to be leaders in business, government, and civil society.

We provide internship, consulting, and applied research opportunities with world-class corporate, nonprofit, and political organizations in Dallas, Washington, D.C., London, and points beyond.

We prepare majors for the leadership path to chief communication officer, executive director, founder, entrepreneur, and more.

Note: A double major is available for those who want to study public relations and a specialty track.

Review the CCPA Curriculum brochure to find the path that’s right for you

B.A. in Corporate Communication and Public Affairs

Majors choose one of three tracks:

  • Organizational Communication
    For majors interested in leading the effective operation and internal workings of organizations, including leadership, change management, teamwork, power/ gender issues, human and social capital, and organizational behavior.
  • Political Communication
    For majors interested in leading public policy initiatives for organizations, lobbying firms, think tanks, government agencies, NGOs, elected office, or political campaigns, including analysis, issues management, advocacy, and public opinion monitoring.
  • Social Innovation and Nonprofit Engagement
    For majors interested in leading or founding nonprofit or hybrid corporations that combine social welfare, branding, donor/volunteer relations, fundraising/ philanthropy, and strategic communication in a variety of mission contexts.

B.A. in Public Relations and Strategic Communication

  • For majors interested in leading external corporate and public affairs initiatives with a variety of stakeholders, including investors, customers, communities, activists, and media, with an emphasis on engagement, business objectives, and crisis response.

Minor in Corporate Communication and Public Affairs

  • For students interested in supplementing their major course of study with courses in theory, rhetoric, research, writing, and CCPA electives open to minors.

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