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Admission to the Division of Music in the Meadows School of the Arts for the Master of Music, Performer's Diploma and the Artist Diploma is considered following completion of the Meadows online application and submission of all supplemental items listed below. Candidates need only apply to the Meadows School of the Arts. Admission is considered for fall term each year. (Note: Applicants for the Master of Sacred Music program should apply directly to the Perkins School of Theology, Sacred Music Program.)

Students seeking admission to the graduate programs of the Division of Music must have earned a Bachelor of Music degree (or the equivalent) from an accredited institution. See the Graduate Catalog for the Meadows School of the Arts for more information.

Visiting Campus

Interested in observing a music class or ensemble rehearsal, or scheduling a sample lesson with a faculty member? Find out how, and schedule your visit online, on our Meadows Visit Form.

Admission checklist for Music applicants

Complete your application to the Meadows School of the Arts BEFORE February 1st*.

Applications that are not completed by this deadline will FORFEIT all scholarship considerations.

To assure full consideration for the fall term, application should be completed online and ALL supporting materials pertaining to the application for admission should be delivered to the Meadows Graduate Office BEFORE February 1st*. Materials received from applicants who do not enroll will be retained by the Meadows Graduate Office for one year. All documents become the property of Southern Methodist University and cannot be returned. A $75.00 non-refundable application fee is required. Click the following headings for more details.

*All Media for Recorded Auditions for those not attending a live audition, Composition candidates, & Conducting candidates must be submitted by January 15th.  Music Education candidates have an extended deadline of March 1st for application and supplemental teaching media.

  • Transcripts

  • Recommendations

  • Graduate Pre-Diagnostic Music History and Music Theory Examinations

  • Auditions are required for prospective performer's diploma, artist diploma, and master's students majoring in Instrumental or Vocal Performance, Piano Pedagogy and Performance, or Organ Sacred Music.

  • Supplemental Materials are required for prospective Music Education, Music History and Literature, Theory Pedagogy, and Conducting majors.

  • Additional Documents Required for International Applicants

Financial Aid

Scholarships and graduate assistantships for qualified, admitted students are available from the graduate division. Candidates for graduate awards are encouraged to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This form is not required from international students on the F-1 visa. For additional information, contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, Meadows School of the Arts, PO Box 750356, Dallas, Texas 75275-0356 (email

Graduate Diagnostic Examinations

Graduate candidates who have successfully completed the admissions process and have been admitted into the Master of Music or Master of Sacred Music programs are required to take DIAGNOSTIC EXAMS in MUSIC HISTORY and MUSIC THEORY prior to enrollment. Students are expected to demonstrate skills and knowledge in music history, aural skills and theoretical materials equivalent to those of graduating seniors who have met general requirements in these areas at SMU. It is to the student's financial advantage to prepare seriously for the diagnostic examinations.

Students who fail the diagnostic examinations will be required to enroll for Graduate Theory Review (MUTH 6000) and/or Graduate History Review (MUHI 6000). The successful exams or the above-named courses are prerequisite for all graduate theory and history courses. STUDENTS CANNOT BE ADVISED INTO GRADUATE COURSES AT MATRICULATION IF THEY MISS THE EXAMS. Additionally, any required Graduate Review coursework must be successfully completed by the end of the first term. Students who do not complete Graduate Review coursework in the fall term will be placed on academic probation in the spring term and required to enroll again into the applicable review courses for credit. Additionally, tuition and fees will be charged in the spring term and the cost of the review courses are NOT covered by scholarship, grants or tuition waiver. Failure to complete requirements according to the probation conditions will result in suspension from the program at the end of the spring term.

New Master's Students:

Submission and Contact Information

All materials and/or questions regarding the application process should be directed to the following:

Graduate Admissions
SMU | Meadows School of the Arts
PO BOX 750356
Dallas TX 75275

Or SMU physical address:

Graduate Admissions
SMU | Meadows School of the Arts
6101 Bishop Blvd
Dallas TX 75205

Joe S. Hoselton
Director of Graduate Admissions

Professor Murray
Associate Director of Music Recruitment

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