Frequently Asked Questions

For all questions for the Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship program, visit the Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship admissions page.

Are there minimum GRE/GMAT test scores or GPA requirements?

Not all degree programs in Meadows require the GRE (or the GMAT) and those that do require submission of test scores do not have minimum score requirements.  An overall GPA of 3.0 or higher is preferred but consideration will be given to those with a lower GPA upon completion of application and all supporting materials. Consideration into the programs are competitive and while there are no listed minimum scores, those scoring in the 70th percentile and above (155+) with GPAs above 3.0 are given greater consideration for admission and scholarships. The M.A. in Art History and Ph.D. in Art History require the GRE for consideration. The M.A. in Advertising program only requires submission for scholarship and assistantship consideration and also allows the option for submission of the GMAT instead of the GRE. A low GRE or GMAT score or GPA below a 3.0 will not disqualify a candidate from consideration.

Is the TOEFL required for all international applicants?

Yes. The TOEFL is required for all international applicants to a master's program in the Meadows School of the Arts as well as for those applying to the Performer's Diploma or Artist Diploma programs.

Minimum Score Requirements*

  Advertising, Arts Management
& Entrepreneurship
 Art, Art History, Music, Theatre Performer's Diploma, Artist Diploma
iBT  minimum of 100 overall with no section below 22 minimum of 80 overall with no section below 20 minimum of 64 overall with minimums of 20 in speaking and listening and minimums of 12 in reading and writing (all variables must be met)
IELTS minimum overall 7.5 with no section below 7.0 minimum overall 6.5 with no section below 6.0 minimum overall 6.0 with no section below 5.5
Computer  Not Available minimum score of 213 minimum overall score of 193

Before an applicant can be considered for admission into a graduate program, the applicant must request the TOEFL score to be sent from the Educational Testing Service in Princeton, New Jersey directly to the Meadows Graduate Office, School Code 7640, and the appropriate Department Code. Applicants who have graduated from a U.S. or English-speaking university with a four-year degree or master’s, are exempt from this requirement. International applicants to the Performer's Diploma or Artist Diploma program that do not meet the minimum requirements are able to complete a Summer Intensive English Program prior to enrollment should they be admitted. Master’s candidates must meet the minimum score requirements to be eligible for admission.

Do I apply to SMU and the Meadows School of the Arts?

No. Applicants at the graduate level only submit application to the Meadows School of the Arts, with the exception of Arts Management & Entrepreneurship applicants who should apply directly to the Cox School of Business. All transcripts, test scores and other supplemental application materials should be sent directly to the Graduate Application Processing Office. Apply online for Meadows graduate programs.

What should I do first: audition or apply?

Supplemental steps in the application such as auditions, interviews, portfolio submission, etc. should be coordinated with your application. Optimal consideration for admission and scholarships is given to candidates who submit a full application and initiate all supplemental requirements before the posted deadline.

When will I know about my Meadows admission?

Committees meet to evaluate completed applications following the deadline. Some programs will begin sending decisions within 2-3 weeks of a deadline, while others that may have pending audition dates, interviews or call-back dates may have extended release dates. Most programs will have notified their applicants by mid-March with the exception of the final round for Advertising.

When will I know about my scholarship package?

All candidates who are admitted are automatically considered for scholarships. No additional application or paperwork is required for consideration. Admitted candidates who are given awards will be notified usually within a week following an offer of admission if not sooner.

As an international applicant, do I qualify for scholarships and assistantships?

Yes. International applicants who are admitted are given the same consideration for awards and assistantships.

When should I let the Meadows School know my response to an offer of admission?

April 15 is the standard response date, but we encourage candidates to let us know either way as soon as they know.

What’s the FAFSA?

Your first step in funding college is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You cannot apply for, or receive, any financial aid from SMU until we have received either a FAFSA form or, if you don’t feel that you will qualify for need-based aid, a FAFSA waiver. Don't wait to be accepted to complete them - apply early, while you are submitting your applications. The U.S. Department of Education runs a variety of student financial assistance programs, which include grants and loans. Your eligibility for aid is determined by the information that you provide in the FAFSA. SMU will also use your FAFSA to determine your eligibility for scholarships, grants, and institutional aid. These forms are not required of international applicants.

Learn more about the FAFSA and apply. The SMU code is 003613. FAFSA must be filed each year for continued consideration of SMU, federal, and state funding.