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Undergraduate Studies

Reichelle Ferrer – Houston, Texas
B.F.A. Art

Jack Davis – Newport Beach, California
B.F.A. Art

Rachel Lewis – Texarkana, Texas
B.A. Art, B.A. English
Art History minor

Claire McGowan – Rye, New York
B.F.A. Art, B.A. Art History

The Division of Art provides a challenging environment for the study of studio art within a multi-faceted arts school at a major liberal arts university. We offer a B.F.A. and B.A. in studio art. Each of our undergraduate degrees is based in an innovative program of foundation studies and broad experiences in ways of seeing, ways of making, and ways of thinking. We place equal emphasis on the development of our students’ formal, conceptual and critical knowledge in painting, printmaking, drawing, sculpture, photography, ceramics and hybrid/digital media. Through studies in art history, critical seminars and directed tutorials, students develop their awareness of the context of art today and its future possibilities. Students are encouraged to work across media and in ways that integrate with other studies. Each degree culminates in a focused concentration, based in intensive work and critical discussion that is individual and true to your ideas and ambition.

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