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B.A. in Art

The B.A. in Art is designed to offer students a degree in art that allows for double majors or extensive study in other degree programs. The B.A. gives students with varied interests in university study a sound footing in visual, tactile and conceptual capabilities; knowledge of the history, theory and criticism of art; and a range of skills that can be applied to a number of professions within the arts. To earn a B.A. the student is required to take a minimum of 48 hours in the Division of Art.

Declaring your major:

Students who are dually admitted to SMU and the Division of Art [see Art Admission Page for application guidelines] must enroll in ASAG 1300,1304, and 1308 or 1312 in the first year and then meet with their pre-major advisor in order to declare their B.A. in Art major by September 1 of their second year.

Students who were not dually admitted must complete three 1300-level courses in Art and then meet with their pre-major advisor in order to declare their B.A. in Art major.

Transfer students with 45 or more hours and have completed DISC 1312 should declare their B.A. in Art major soon after enrolling at SMU.


Once students have declared their B.A. in Art major they should set meetings with both the Division of Art Advisor and a Meadows Degree Counselor to review their degree progress.

See List of Art Courses & their Description

Requirements for the Degree Credit Hours
UC/GEC Requirements varies


ASAG 1300, 1304 (1st year, Fall term) and ASAG 1308 or 1312 (1st year, Spring term)


Required Art Courses:

ASAG 3310 (2nd year, fall term), ASAG 3380 (3rd year, Fall term), ASAG 5315 (4th year)


Advanced Art Studies:

Division of Art courses at the 3000 level or higher


Additional Art Studies:

Division of Art courses at any level


Art History:

Art History courses at any level. Approved courses in visual culture studies from other divisions may substitute


Free Electives (hours vary as needed to meet University residency and degree requirements)

Hours vary as needed to meet University residency and degree requirements


Note: All courses in studio art, except lectures and seminars, have a laboratory fee of $30 per credit hour, which is collected by the cashier at the time of enrollment.

Areas of Study



Undergraduate Studies


B.A. in Art

B.F.A. in Art

Fine Arts/Guildhall, B.F.A./M.I.T.


Graduate Studies

Classes (See Catalog)


Faculty and Staff

Graduate Students


Pollock Gallery

Art in Dallas

Travel Opportunities

Student Resources

Student Internships & Collaborations

Visiting Artist Lecture Series

Meadows Academy for Young Artists

Art History

Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship

Corporate Communication and Public Affairs

Creative Computation


Film and Media Arts